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>You can now click-drag potions from the Hotbar as you would an inventory item.

Thank you! I really wanted this, but didn't ask for it, so I'm happy. Next time I'll try to remember to ask for things!

Congrats, that's huge! :D

Interesting bomb crafting idea... from my time playing Fallout games, you could craft a bomb then 'steal' (pickpocket) an enemy and deposit a bomb to have extra damage/effect :)

Really ooking forward to playing this!l

Awesome game, can see myself putting a lot of hours into this.

I uploaded some gameplay to YouTube, I heard it helps with the algorithm :)

Good to hear from you :) Nice update, looking forward to trying it out. All the best for the Steam release.

This game is simple yet so addicting. Enjoying it so much, especially on my commute on mobile :)

Here's some gameplay I recorded where I actually got my highest score yet of 42!

Cheers for the update, my best so far is 2 min 15. Those hunters are deadly!

The ledge grabbing felt smooth, aiming/shooting sufficiently awkward to give some tension. Nice snow effects.

Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

This was fun! I understood very quickly what I needed to do, and the timer made it pretty challenging to think quickly and get out of the way.

The tutorial was well done - short and to the point. The music also fit really well!

Well done :)

Man, this game was intense. I don't think I've played a game in this style before using only the mouse - it is so much harder. I was constantly moving!

My first go I got 170000, 184 seconds. Around 178 seconds it got intense and I went from 100% health to dead in 6 seconds :)
The art style in this game is like a warmblanket, but the standout has to be the music. Really good stuff. Cheers!

For the algorithm!!!

Some gameplay when I'm tired:

Tower defense games usually get me a bit tense with the constant stream of baddies, this is no different! What is different is the way in which you obtain your 'towers'. This was a fresh spin to me after playing the usual Kingdom Rushes/Dungeon Warfares/Orcs Must Die over the last few years.

My current strategy is using the pistol guys up front to take the beatings, smg/rpg behind them. I've cleared a 1 star and 2 star battle so far.

Having this turn based takes the pressure off quick thinking and reflexes, which I guess makes it more accessible than real time/no pause TD games. Exactly what I needed after a long day at work.

If I could have one thing added it would be health indicators on the soldiers on both 'teams'.

I would buy any expanded or full version for sure. Well done!

Hey Liam, thanks for releasing this for us to try!

I'm using the keyboard and after some persistence, am getting the hang of what's required to make some of the trickier jumps.

Nice music btw ;)

Hope you had a good break over the holidays :)

Any gamedev in the works for Q1 2022? Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

No worries, it's good that you have your scope figured out!

That's exciting, I hadn't anticipated this kind of game to have alternate weapon modes. 

Any plans for a leaderboard?

Wonderful to hear of the new planned feature, and thank you for the reply!

I also noticed that there are keybinds for alternative fire (mode?), but I don't recall this working during my last play through and won't be able to test for some hours. Am I correct in assuming this refers to a different method of firing the weapon rather than having a backup keybind for normal shooting? If so, is that implemented yet?

All the best :)

It feels great to have more levels to play! I decided to record my first run through after downloading the game of the EA build in the hopes that it would give some insight into how I approached things. To keep the file size down I stopped recording after the second level.

Due to my poor upload speed, I felt a bit of pressure to ignore the secrets to keep the run short and focus on the main path to the exit.

Congrats again on getting the EA build released, I'm having a lot of fun. Using the rocket launcher is fun with seeing enemies bounce around. When I'm not recording I'm looking for as many secrets as I can find!

Are we able to view the remaining enemies / secrets on the level while playing the level? I couldn't see anything about this in the menu so assume not (yet?) :)

Sounds good, I hope you can take your time and not get burned out.

The game reminded me (at least the levels) of Office Point Rescue, but I prefer the faster pace of Downlink myself.

This was really enjoyable, fast paced and shooting felt satisfyingly great. I think this was due to the fast fire rate and enemies quickly giving feedback on being hit.

If I could have one thing added other than more content, it would be a toggle for run. I always want to be running!

I managed to get fairly competent at shooting the doors from a distance then peeking diagonal into a room while shooting to avoid taking much damage. I think due to the current reaction time of the enemies and damage dealt with no health pickups, charging into a room isn't viable.

I was excited to read at the end that you're intending to develop this further. I hope that is still the case!

All the best with your future games.

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I think a new map would be nice, something a bit more vibrant perhaps, although that might not be too slavjank ;)

Found you via E1M1 works-promo channel, btw :)

Nice game, took me a while to get the hang of the aiming. My brain started hurting and took a break at level 7 :D

How many levels are in the game?

Got 105 on my first try... nice arena game for your first game jam. When guys started spawning in the tower, the game got a lot more interesting!

Do you think you will go any further with this for the future?

Hi! I gave your game a shot, impressive for a first game. The aethestic is pretty unique from what I've played before..

If I could have one change made it would be more feedback when you hit an enemy, whether by hit marker on screen or some clear audio signal. There was also a bit of delay between hitting an enemy enough and them falling down, made it a bit confusing but generally there were so many enemies I guess it didn't matter too much!

What changes do you have in mind for the future? Different enemy types?

All the best with your game.

So hyped for this man!