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Clearly Its Kauri

A member registered Sep 24, 2020

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epic cat in car simulator

ah cool glad its not a skill issue

pretty cool and epic got stuck on ballin but thats a skill issue

won the game by doing nothing awesome game

this is a really fun litttle platformer looking forward to more from you

best video game ever made

this game is the best game ever made it envisions all of what a game should be not even elden ring or breath of the wild can live up to these standards this gamer will set a new precedent for all games that come after it if every game from now on doesnt have inspired by door game they are simply lying this needs to be displayed in every museum this should be the first game to have 1 trillion copies sold no one should go without playing door game you play as a door questioning why it happened who did this too you was it a wizard your mom? you never figure out this but thats whats beautiful about it its left up to the mind to figure out and the ending when you overcome all you hardships and beat those who are trying to stop you from doing what you were made to do is truely beautiful the visuals are the most realistic graphics i ever seen in a game real life looks low quality after seeing this game i cant live my life anymore without noticing the low frame rate and the sound design omg the sound design its amazing every other video game soundtrack is terrible compared to this masterpiece of a soundtrack and the combat system its so simple and elegant you only need to push one button and you win its accessible to everyone no one should not play door game.

very cool

very nice love the style and super fun

yea i saw that ive been playing thanks for doing that great game btw 

can you please add a way to turn the senitivity down this is way to sensative

it will be worth it tho

it is not coming our till summer 2022 but it will be worth the wait im sure


how do i get any rank besides C

please fix the fact that you cant uninvert the camera on switch its really hard to play with the inverted camera

super cool just like you

super cool as usual

this was super cool and super charming

great job its amazing

so glad for you dude

is the alpha demo diffrent than the old demo?

is the lorns lure demo a new demo for this demo disc or is it the same demo as before?

super cool and epic just like you and your game 

is there a puzzle on the home screen?

super cool

amazing so happy rn this is the best

no it drifts way to easily and doesnt control well

shut the fuck up

just cause dani made this game doesnt mean i cant critize it dumb ass

how bout you shut up

these controls suck way to hard to control

debug code?

is a windows edition coming it doesnt work in the browser for me

this is so cool

doesnt sav

nerf your first boss fight no first boss fight should be that har

great hope to see more

cant wait gonna be epic hope i can get money to donate