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Thanks! Got a new writer and artist added to the team so I think things are going to move along nicely now!

sorry for such a long span of time without replying to your comment. The romance options aren't 100% finalized yet so there's still a chance one may be added and removed. And that being said there's also a chance for a canine character to be added. If one more romance option is added it will definitely be female to even things out a little bit.

Thank you so much! It really means a lot <3 I'm working hard to make this great and get it finished up!

That would be a really big help. I'll finish writing it first and then I'll ask if you'd still be up for that. It's going to be a lot to translate so it will be ok if nobody wants to do it. I think I might just settle for a machine translation then and maybe when people play it they can skim it for mistakes.

Thank you so much! We're working hard to finish writing and making the story much much better and also drawing the rest of the art!

oh, that's just the policy of They only have payment through either paypal or stripe. If it were up to me I'd allow other payment methods but sadly it is not.

I did not, but I think I will now. I guess I already have an acount there I forgot about too. Thanks for the tip!

Nocveil community · Created a new topic General Opinions

Let me know your general opinions on the game. What did you like, what didn't you like, and how can I make it more fun?

Nocveil community · Created a new topic Performance

How does the game run on your PC? What levels struggle and what ones perform well?

Nocveil community · Created a new topic Bugs

Did you find a bug or something that shouldn't be in the game? Post it here or send me an email so I can fix it.

Nocveil community · Created a new topic Controls

Is something wrong with the controls? Let me know how they feel to you or how to make them better.

Suggest changes to levels, new obstacles to implement or a new type of puzzle you think would be neat. Try to keep them within the realm of possibilities for the game.