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Tapirfish is a cheater.

Cute game. <3

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wtf Lana

Too cute, as usual!

I loved this. Great take on this theme.

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Really well done. I played for a long while, and enjoyed myself! I struggled a little at the beginning. I've never played a game like this before, so I didn't find the resource management aspect to be very intuitive, although I did get the hang of it with some help! I hope you guys keep fleshing this out, it's a hit!

This is awesome, great job!

Challenging gameplay and cute little robots! Great job as always! 

Loved this Geo! Cute cake!

Well done!

Loved this, fun to play, visually pleasing! Well done. x

Amazing, as always, Chris! :)

This is really cute for your first time EVER game jam! Super excited to see where you go from here! BIG EXCITED! 

Thanks so much!

Thank you, friend! 

Don't worry, I struggled with the cam stuff for probably 12hrs before ditching cinemachine and just doing a basic cam script! 

Woohoo! thank you!

Thanks so much, I didn't have the mental bandwidth to figure out the rest of the animation controls LOL maybe an update in the future! 

Hey! Thanks so much, I didn't make the character models or the spaceship. I did make everything else, including the sounds. 

Thank you ProPuke! I really respect and admire you, so this feedback is invaluable. Thanks so much! 

Unique and clever! Well done. 

Nicely done!

So good! I played this one the LONGEST.

Amazing job.

Super awesome execution of this idea. The sounds and everything, it feels like a real arcade game. 

Great job!

Amazing, super creative. 

Love your art work, as always! Super creative

The sparks on the exposed plug was a nice touch, and the way you did the smoke effects was *chefs kiss* --- 

You can walk through the window on the left side of the "ship", I fell through the world. LOL

Happy to play your game! Thanks  for sharing your art with the world. 

This is really awesome! 


Hi Jill! As Peaceteddie said, please remember to click the fullscreen button, as I haven't mastered how to size for WEBGL just yet. Also, watching Lana play my game last night, she was also having issues. I believe there might be a bug with the way I chose to do the movement mechanics that doesn't work on all PCs. It's a work in progress! Sorry you're having issues. 

Hi there! Thanks for your feedback! Nope, you didn't miss anything. It is currently intended to be short. I will  elaborate and polish once voting is over. :)

I really liked this concept, the sound was very atmospheric. The movement and such felt a little unsatisfying, overall really well done for 48hrs.

This is incredible

I loved this! Creative name, great minds and all that! ;)

This is soo cute!! ♥♥♥

This is so cute!! 

Hi there! Thanks so much for the feedback, going right does end the game for now. I intend to update the game further as we go. As this was my first game ever a lot of the simpler mechanics took me much more time than a veteran. Also, I may have done a few of the processes out of order... I.E. - level design came last, so it got the cut for the jam.