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screen implosion

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very cool




Thanks for the feedback. Just revisiting the game, I might follow up with the game. thx!!

this is cool!!

very goood!!!!

<3 thank you for this <3

This game is so cool

Loved it!

yeah, sorry. I don't like your review style. Its way too harsh to learn from it. Nice video tho.

I just dropped on this game page randomly I read your review. I would say hey, chill, what a lame review. We are not here for the business. The game has its flaws but myself as an audience don't need to read how bad it looks to you. Making games is hard, be nice.  

Love it, super nice and challenging!

Thank you! :)

I liked it a lot and looking forward to see some progress on it!

wow, super good!

true! will do asap. thank you! 


MECANICHALLY AWESOME (audio loop still on my mind)

cosy frame

super cool game

awesome stuff. 

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Got to day 14th and didn't find it, I can't keep this game out my head. Will find it one night. I need to bring a wide lens I have somewhere at home. Probably for Camera A. Then I will move C and B heuristically. I know where to search, I know where to go. Hopefully the damm squirrel won't change the route every week...  

Thank you! Love the comments!

so good

It's a hack! when painting the sprites on screen, I can send you the code later if u want

cool one!

Wow, what a game! Congrats!

THank you! I will try to update it this week! (Need to find someone with Win 10) Happy holidays!

Hi! oh noo,

what windows version do you have? I will try to look for this bug. Second time I heard about....Sorry!

got a first glance and loving it

Loved it. Thank you, very nice one.

cool stuff! hooked me up

Loved it!

Had a crash on mac and Can't play it. Doesn't even start:

Crashing on exception: *** +[NSString stringWithCString:encoding:]: NULL cString

Looks cool!

nice one. cool puzzles