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Hi! oh noo,

what windows version do you have? I will try to look for this bug. Second time I heard about....Sorry!

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i tried windows 7 64 bit and windows 10 64 bit.

i have unity installed on both machines, though i havent had the opportunity to try uninstalling and installing it (im a bit wary of uninstalling on the windows 10 pc as i use it for work related biz).

later this week i'll have a chance to try it on a machine that doesn't have unity installed so i'll be able to let you know if works on that one.

thanks for getting back to me!

I'm also having the same problem on Windows 10. Not sure if I have Unity installed or not.

Just popping in to echo that I'm having the exact same issue. Windows 10 Home. Like the other user, I have Unity installed, but I don't know if that's a factor or not. The game looks gorgeous!

THank you! I will try to update it this week! (Need to find someone with Win 10) Happy holidays!