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My grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's. I see her every week but it's hard to make myself go sometimes. This, as sad as it was, kind of... helped. It reinforced how important it is to keep seeing her while she's still kind of herself. Before I've more or less lost her entirely.

Thank you for this.

I really enjoyed this and I think the controls are fine! My only complaint is the text bozes at the start that pop up and pause the game while they're there. It's such a minor thing but it makes dying very frustrating and they don't really tell you anything useful. They should at least stop displaying after the first time you've seen them. It would be nice if the bullets were easier to see as well, maybe they should be a different colour/shape? The music could also use a little work,  it's very messy sounding.

But yeah, it controls well, it's fun and the Superhot concept translates to the early 90s FPS style really well! Great work :)

This is really addictive! I think it would make a fantastic browser or mobile game for slacking off at work.

This is incredibly cool (and very difficult)! I love the visual style.

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Play here!

Just a quick browser game in which you have to shoot at a ball to keep it in the air while also targeting bonuses to keep the timer from hitting zero. There's a special surprise for anybody who is able to reach 20, 000 points!

Let me know what you think and if you find any bugs! Feel free to check out my earlier Pong clone if you don't mind, too!

I tried playing it but all the ball is just stuck to the front of my paddle :(

Also if you want sounds, I can send you the ones I made for my Pong game, if you like!