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This is fun. The mechanic is pretty neat with scaring children and taking their candy. The music has a nice vibe too.

This was pretty fun. I was a bit confused at first with how to use the tractor beam, but it all made sense once I got closer to an object and hit the button. 

Nice art. The tetris thing really makes it more interesting. If the game was just grabbing trash and bringing it back to the ship, it would be a lot more dull. Great ideas.

The art is really nice. It feels like it has more colors than a normal gameboy palette, but I think you just used the colors really well to add more details.

There is some nice juice as well with the screen shaking. I didn't experience any bugs while playin it, so it seems like the programming is pretty solid. 

Love the animations and art. Juxtaposing the platforming with chasing is a really neat concept. Much enjoyed.

Very fun eating the cherries. Good job

This is meditative. I feel better now.

Ahh Fixed!!

I see that there was a log stored in HOME/config/unity3d/Kenney

I just deleted all that stuff and restarted the application.Everything seems to work great now

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Great to see adidng linux support for Asset Forget 2!! I just threw it on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine. The 3D stuff seems to work, but the icon image all appear to be broken..

Also when I press the main menu items, they just appear all white and I cannot select anything.

I did previously have Asset Forge 1 on this machine. Are there any files I have to clean up when I use this?