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Game Jam I-Feel community · Created a new topic Discord


L'invitation pour le discord est expirée et il n'y a pas de mail pour contacter les organisateurs.

Je voulais en profiter pour vous demander s'il était possible de participer à la jam en arrivant après le kick-off, soit le vendredi très tard soit le samedi matin.

Great thinking ! I've seen it easily understandable with phrasing such as "Their roll must beat a difficulty of 3. Each time they come back, the difficulty increases by 1."

It's excellent, but I think you mean the dungeon's gate is destroyed on a roll of 12 *or less*.

I've got Ending 2! I'm a fellow traveller!

So cute! Did you compose the music?

Well I could never have guessed but all in all it's quite simple. Thanks for the tip Jeiel!

Sprytile community · Created a new topic Multiple tilesets

Hello !

I'm currently testing "complex" scenes with existing tilesets, and I haven't found a way to create two obejcts with different tilesets in the same scene. The second object I try to creat end up referencing an empty texture. Here's a picture :

The buildings are made with a "buildings" tileset, and I tried to add objects from an "objects" tileset, applied to another Blender entity. Sadly the tileset doesn't load. I figured that if I copied and pasted objects from another scene (as I did with this pine tree in the corner), it works, but the referenced tileset is still blank on the plugin ; though blender can find the material as you can see on my screenshot.

Do you have to load a single tileset with all your graphics or did I do something wrong here?