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this is pretty poggies if i do say so myself

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I enjoyed it (and the other ones) quite a bit.  Spent a good two or three days combing over it all.  Really liked the characters (although I will refuse to talk to Gregg after [redacted]).

I don't usually do visual novels, so I wasn't expecting to like it so much; happy surprise I guess.

Hey! Have you considered adding Sulphur Nimbus to the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality? (

(There's a day and a few hours left as of this posting, new games get added retroactively)

It'll get more people to hear about it and you could join in the cool dudes doing a cool thing ^_^

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Hello, I heard this game got a new version so I decided to try it out and had a good time.  Liked most of the changes and some of the ones I didn't like were small enough to not bother me much.

One thing that stood out particularly to me though was with Doomball; the timer seems to be faster than it was before?  This makes doomball 3 in particular very difficult to beat without playing quickly/riskily.  This would probably be a roadblock for most players so it would be nice to see it fixed.