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If you like RPGs, monster catching, leveling and fighting, this is the game for you! I played through the demo, leveled all my monsters to the max and also played through all previous Xander games. The dialogues are creative and funny, the gameplay is addicting. When you find new monsters and fuse them you're like "I'm so OP now". Then some new unexpected things happen like monsters throw you into electric walls and a GAME OVER appears shortly after. Well, time to improve the strategy then: Fuse a new monster that has low HP but 1-hits nearly everything to blow away those monsters who tried to kick you around. When your team of 3 monsters has a good combination of various spells you're prepared to complete difficult stages with unexpected traps!

I really like the PC version of this game. Played an old beta of the app before which was already addicting but I'm not that much of a mobile gamer so I'm really happy I can play this on the PC now. Every stage is completely different from the others so every time you master a stage, the next one will destroy you. Stage 4 is beautiful btw, I love the background and the music of it!

It's a fun little game. It has a great atmosphere. I really like the scary sounds!

Hello! :D

I've released a demo of my game Sm4R today and would appreciate some feedback :) . The release of the full game will still take like 1 year to make, so there is plenty of time to improve and polish it. I made this game in the last 2.5 years as a hobby (+ another few years for predecessors) and put more than 3000 hours of work into it, so I'm super hyped about getting some feedback (maybe also about my itch page)!

A little summary of the game: A singleplayer parody of MMORPGs where you grind, complete quests and do other things to level up and get stronger to find better equipment and learn more powerful skills. :D

Sm4R Itch page

The EULA now appears on the first time starting the game. At least I could make it more "appealing" that way by designing the EULA page by my own if that makes any sense lol. I keep it like that until I find a better solution. Zip password protection + code after pressing a button on game page sounds a bit cumbersome for the user. An installer would almost have a better user experience (maybe just my opinion).

Thanks for the answer! Isn't there still the problem that all files can be accessed before the user agrees on the EULA? I've read that the agreement should be done before you get access to the files. The best place would be even before the download (some sources say that this is the only valid option). German law seems kinda strict about that.

Hello! :)

I want to distribute my game soon and I want to make sure it is protected by an EULA. From what I've read (about german law) an EULA is only valid when people have to agree before they have access to any of the data of the game. The only solution I've found for this is to make an installer. But in the manual of itchio it is highly discouraged to upload any installers because of user experience. Is there any way that people have to agree on the EULA before they download the files or are there any alternatives that work with the butler installation program by itchio?

The only information I've found about this so far is in this old thread where it is not clear how the problem was solved:

(I didn't want to respond in an old thread)