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Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to work - I made this game a while ago so tbh I might have done a bad job balancing it, haha.

No worries, weird - the way the game works, if you take an enemies tile, you get that tile, and all adjacent tiles flip so if they were the enemies color they become yours and vice versa, while all adjacent empty tiles are claimed by you. The way you’re describing it, is this what happened?

Is there an image? I don’t see anything

Yep, thanks!

Man, everything you guys make is so good. Great work, loved playing through

When I try to download this through the desktop app, it doesn’t give me an option to download the actual game, only supplementary files - could you tag the main game as windows, so that the app should recognize it?

I like it! The dynamic between the characters is fun and the skull gimmick is nice, only critique I have is the camera could really get janky sometimes. Otherwise nice job!

Fun little game - though the start of level 3 feels kind of unfair

I’m going to do some bugfixing and stuff, but I’m planning on releasing a Mac and Linux build soon!

Super curious to see what you end up doing! See you again in 5 days

I like it, the atmosphere felt really strong even though there was no audio. I might change the controls to be space to jump, but otherwise I really like what you've put together!

Lol, thank you!

Cute idea! The randomness can make it a little annoying to replay, but I think it works really well for a jam game and you could expand it into something more if you wanted. Good job!

Cute and simple! I feel like it could work with the theme better, but I enjoyed playing it and just chilling. The music really helped set the mood - good job!


Not too bad for a first run! Glad you enjoyed

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed it :D

I love the presentation of this whole thing, nice work!


Thank you! That's some very high praise, hopefully it ends up pretty high up in the final results

Thank you! I'll be sure to keep that stuff in mind for a post-jam build

Thanks man :D Here's hoping!

Thanks! After all this feedback, I'm definitely interested in expanding on the concept more

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The walljump is a little finnicky, yeah - you need to hold the button against the wall, the tap jump.

Also I'm not sure for your other question - the way the game works is the button timer goes down as long as the key is held, and each timer maxes out at 1 second. Theoretically tapping it would work, it'd just drain for as long as you tapped.

Hope it was ok for you, regardless!

Thank you!

This doesn't feel very eternal

Seriously though, interesting concept! I feel like it'd be better if everything was slowed down just a touch, but otherwise not bad!

Thank you! Glad we figured it out eventually😅

You have the incredible ability to make games that make me panic.

On a serious note, this is really well done! It feels very 'out of control' without making the game worse for it. Not to mention the BG music is really snappy, I'd honestly listen to it on it's own.

My only complaint is the really high difficulty - I couldn't get past the first level. But, for a jam game that's totally excusable. Good job overall!

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, with how difficult the game is I wouldn't want people waiting more than a second between restarts

Thanks! I don't do walljump mechanic super often, so I agree it's pretty flaky - I might try and patch it to be better once the jam ends.

Thanks! I was worried about the difficulty, but I think it turned out as being more 'difficult but fair' than 'annoyingly difficult'.

Also as for the blocks - that was mostly to make the levels look more interesting, but I didn't want to implement slopes so I just kept the whole rectangle collider. Probably not the best decision, but it's not gamebreaking or anything

Neat concept, almost a reverse katamari! Nothing felt too difficult, and I enjoyed how silly the whole thing was. Good job!

I really like this idea, and the presentation as a manual page is really creative. My biggest issue is that the interface feels a little hard to navigate, with a bunch of text at the bottom it's not always easy to tell at a glance what's going on. I think using the icons more in the inventory interface might have helped. Still, cool idea! I'd love to see this expanded on in the future

I'm just using Firefox. I think you might be zoomed in on the webpage - I got a similar issue when I zoomed in

Fun! I could imagine throwing on some chill music in the background and playing this for a bit

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Huh, that's weird - I'll make a windows build, that might fix some of the issues if you want to try playing it again

EDIT: Can't edit it until after the jam is over, sorry about that. Maybe try resizing the screen?

A really interesting take on the theme, it was really well presented, and I didn't expect a more narrative-heavy game for the jam. My one complaint is that I felt like whatever I typed didn't influence things that much, a lot of the time I hit 'enter' without typing anything in and the game progressed just fine. Maybe I missed some important story beats because of that, idk. Still, well done!

Wow, these kids hate each other

Really fun! The presentation especially was great, though I felt like dying to the projectile enemies was a little bland sometimes - you hit the projectile and just get a game over screen, it would have been fun to have more feedback there. Still, definitely enjoyed it!