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I'm working on a game with a small level editor, and I'm realizing levels can be compressed down into roughly a tweet's worth of base64 characters - So, I figured people could copy some 'level string', and share them in the comments or a discussion thread or something. But, now that I'm thinking of it, I'm wondering if there's any way to retrieve that data through an HTTP request or something, so those levels could be loaded in game without needing to copy paste the level code itself. It's kind of a ridiculous workaround to just hosting a server or something, but I was curious if it could be done

Very fun little playground! Was a little disssapointed to learn the area in the distance at the end isn't accessible, but otherwise had fun playing. I'm curious what the fire flower would have done, since this game already gives you projectiles

KARLSON community · Created a new topic Small suggestion!

Hey Dani - I'm really enjoying Karlson, so far, but I wanted to suggest two small sort of 'quality of life' changes for whenever you update this or the Steam version. It'd be nice if you could press 'R' to restart instantly during a level, instead of using the pause screen. Also, when picking up a weapon, having to drop your current weapon first is a little annoying - it would be cool if you automatically dropped your current weapon when picking up a new one.

Either way, thoug, these are pretty small nitpicks - the game is more than playable in it's current state, and really fun!

That sounds about right, yeah. Great job, again!

This was really interesting! I'll probably replay it later, give it a more thorough read. The art is simple, but works really well, and there's some really unique language here. Out of curiosity, which of the endings do you think is the 'good' ending of the game? If there is one

I think I found a bug - I used boomerang as my last move in conjunction with fury, and i took damage after the battle ended. After that, on the world map my HUD kept shaking as though I was taking damage.

That aside, really enjoying it so far!

I saw a GIF you guys put on Twitter, and I was instantly hooked. There's a few bugs, and I felt initially like the tutorial room could do a better job telling you you need to put the door on the wall - but besides that, this was really fun all around. It had such a ridiculous, juicy energy to it that I don't quite know how to describe. Great job!

Ah yeah, I hadn't considered that. I'll be sure to keep that in mind!

That's I added the sharpness mechanic to help counter that, but I suppose it can be a little hard to understand at face value. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I hadn't considered making the blade curve towards the player, in my mind the predictable bouncing was easier to line up shots with. That said, I want to revisit this idea later, and I might try something like that then!

This was my first game on itch made with Godot!

Its an arcade shooter with only one bullet, kind of

I realy enjoy the aesthetic! It's a fun way of interpreting the theme. That said, It'd be nice if the camera could be changed a little - as is, it's a little dizzying for me

Really liked it! The level design was solid, and you executed the actual idea really well. I got stuck on the puzzle in the 4th screenshot, but still had fun. Only major bug was the audio cut out after a little bit, not sure what caused that. Still, good job!

I liked it! The aesthetic sort of reminds me of VVVVVV, and the level design was pretty solid. My only real complaint is that the visuals and sound can be kinda intense, it might be good to have an option to turn that down, or something. But otherwise, great job all arund!

Thank you! And sorry for not making the ammo counter more clear, my bad on that one :P

Oh hey, I just discovered this today, thanks for using that doorway model! Didn't expect anyone to actually use it for a project, or something

This is fantastic! Really fun and addictive - one thing i'd suggest if you ever decided to release this, is make the different colored wires distinguishable in some other way than color (have a waveform pattern on them, or something)

Darn. In any case, I definitely liked what I was able to play. Good job!

It might just be me, but I started feeling really nauseous playing this. Is there any way to turn the colors down or something to that effect?

A spiritual experience

I know I'm generally really bad at games, but the death pentaly here feels a little extreme. The fact that it goes up the more you die, especially in a game where you die a lot, makes it so that eventually you cant really care about getting a good score since one slip up undoes all the progress you've made.

I haven't beaten the game yet, though, so maybe theres something at the end? Either way, still a great game, but a little too hard in my mind

This is fantastic! The gameplay is really satisfying, I could see myself getintg lost in playing this. Great job!

thank you!! I definitely wanna curve down the difficulty a bit in the future

Really good! It's a fun little concept and I could see myself getting hooked on it! Only thing I'm a bit confused about is why you have to type the letter instead of just using the arrow keys, seeing how there's only 3 options per category anyways. Still, cool thing!

I went into this thing with some skepticism, but its one of the best VR games on I've seen! Incredibly fun! My only complaint would be it'd be nice if there was a way to tell what ability you had in your wand, but other than that a really nice experience! I didn't even get motion sick, which really surprised me