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Valeu pelo feedback! Sim ele é um guaxinim preguiçoso kk, a ideia era usar poucos comandos, e eu gastei a maior parte do tempo fazendo arte e animação que é a area q gosto. Vou tentar arrumar o problema q citou. Obrigado por jogar!

Valeu cara! Primeira jam de 48hrs q participo kk

hahaha I loved your voices! Thanks for playing! As a developer playing several times I made the mistake of finding it easy to play hehe. I will make some changes. Again, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! Yep that's a great scale, due to the short time I could only mount one level and C major would be very easy, but as a tutorial level would be great, thanks for the review!

My idea with the disappearince of the platform was to make the player move faster and did not have much time to think about the right note, then player would try to decorate the scale and ignore the wrong notes, but I think is a bit too fast hehe. Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

Thanks for this great review! Yep, I had some fun too in making this game :D. The song was made in fl studio in the C# minor scale, same as the game platforms scale, that means, it's sounds good for the ears. Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

Thanks for that great feedback! About the bass power i think is because as developer you end up playing a lot and thinking that is to easy and I don't wanted an O.P. mechanic.  Again Thanks for playing!

Yeah hahaha that was the idea, thanks for the feedback! and remember just give back the instrument to the alien friend :D

Thanks! =)

I made the adds and changes. I had to change the events and insert other type of solid for the diagonal. It's all on the v2 template! =)

Thanks for your purchase! 

Yes, I understand the need for these animations for the ramp section. One solution would be to set the angle of the player when it was on a ramp type object, hmm thinking here, it may seem strange. Making the animations and defining when you are on the type ramp object is the most correct. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try.