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I agree!

Bitsy-likes are fine to be used! :)

such a sweet little bitsy! <3

I made a game that criticizes the way gender identities are perceived and how trans people are always judged by how well they "pass".

In the end, the game asks questions such as what it even means to be a woman, and it generally criticizes how much people in our society tend to think in stereotypical gender norms and categories. Now, those things are obviously related to capitalism, as it has played a huge part in making people think in said categories, and it also made up a lot of gender stereotypes.

Would it be okay for me to submit this game to the jam? I decided to ask, as the whole "fuck capitalism" theme is more underlying and not mentioned specifically. I think that criticizing gender norms and stereotypes also means criticizing capitalism - but I am unsure if this is "enough" to submit my game. ^^

I relate to your concerns. Finding a space that is both safe and comfortable is an incredibly difficult task, especially as a person with queer gender expression / gender identity. 

Hiding ourselves is not the answer that we should give to the world - but I can not blame anyone who chooses to hide and stay away from confrontation. After all, it is incredibly scary and often draining to face these kinds of situations. 

I made this game because I believe that things can get better - if people dare to speak up and address these issues. What I depicted in this game relates to the everyday reality of so many people. There is a lot of progress to be made. 


thank you for sharing those stories. I am sure they can provide a well needed perspective to a lot of people.

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queer games bundle was one of the main motivations for most of the creations that I made and shared on here during the past weeks and months. It is also one of the factors that made me stay on this platform. Seeing the submission closed earlier than stated, before I was ready to submit those works is... frustrating.

At the same time I understand that the amount of submissions exceeded the expectations. I will probably try to use the email, in hopes of still getting my work included - as I had planned during the past months.

Nevertheless, thank you for making this bundle possible, the support that it gives towards queer artists is immense. Hopefully in the future it will be possible to have more capacities for people to join - it's cool to see it growing with each year.

to me, it was animal crossing wild world. I spent countless hours wandering through the little lighthearted spaces found within the game. Today those spaces fail to transfer this impression of safety and freedom to me, but I will always keep them in my heart.

Thank you for your kind words ♥ all the best to you as well.

those are some sweet drawings, really like how you did the itch page as well!! <3

Much appreciated <3

I also really like your name.

that was kinda cute, I liked it!

thank you for making and sharing this zine <3

this is a very nice zine, I really like your art style - the drawings are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

So far there was no decision made, whether this is the end or not :) Thank you for your kind words, it fills me with joy <3

thank you! I did not do much on this one, though. The layout is the standard one provided by itch - I only added a banner, custom font/colors, and a few borders using css! If you are interested in customized itch pages, I can recommend checking out alienmelon! They are a very cool artist, and they created some of the coolest pages that I have seen on this platform :)

i just love the chaotic vibe of this

this is a very lovely journal! Thank you for sharing it here, I wish you all the best <3

thank you for making this!


Huh thank you!! What you are saying is very kind <3

I like your perspective on this. Made me rethink how I perceive the term "valid" in a queer context. Thank you for making and sharing this!

<3 Thank you so much for featuring my work. I really love Electric Zine Maker, it is such a cool and powerful tool.

This is a cool use of the 12-word limitation. I really like it!

thank you!! <3

thank you! I will post an update here, once I have more information.

raw stuff is really cool, looking forward to seeing what you will post in the future. Bitsy is amazing!

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I loved this. Collected all the garbage and all 16 letters! And at some point, the music drove me absolutely insane, it is straight up PERFECT!!! I loved the sarcastic approach to some of the dialogue, as well as the odd and almost eerie atmosphere that you created through the contrast of dialogue and music. One of the coolest bitsy games that I have ever played.

congratz on 500 views! Many more to come, keep doing what you do, it is amazing <3

<3 very happy to hear this!

such a lovely zine!

amazing visuals and great storytelling. I will definitely come back to this!!

this is very sweet and I love the reference to dys4ia!


thank you!! <3 

hell yeag, let's do this!!! <3