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Scenario World

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A great game with a lot of cool ideas. Gramma wins the "Best plot summary in under a minute" award for sure. That lady is a champion.

Nice to see the action photo genre come to life on the Game Boy, I'm excited to see the finished product!

Great game, smooth as silk, you really got the F-Zero experience looking great on the Game Boy.

Lovely look and tone all round! Jupiter seems like she would be an interesting person to grab a beer with. Best of luck on the full game!

This project is really cool, an amazing visual effect for the Game Boy. I can only imagine how sick this would have made me playing in the car :D

Nice interface work, looking very Windows NT.

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Thanks for the wonderful music in this game, a highlight for sure! I hope that in the full game we meet Ploink. Thanks for making the source to the game available, can't wait to do a code review.

Great project, the controls are so crisp and smooth, and the map generation is really impressive. Thanks so much for posting your source code, I can't wait to do a proper code review!

Lovely game, the character is so nice and I think the forest environment is really well rendered. How much control did you have over the gameplay in GB Studio? Were you able to fine tune the platforming?

Great environment art, you really captured the feeling of Termina Town!

I had a lot of laughs at the silly writing. Good commitment to the shop shop bit. I got stuck in the bar shooting mini game, but I can just assume that that means I got a high score.

Love the idea of using the ROM's ability to detect it's hardware environment as a gameplay concept. Very creative, great work!

GBJAM 9 community · Created a new topic Good Luck Jammers!

Just wanted to wish everyone a great jam and I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with. If you're looking for a retweet feel free to @GBSuite!

Great artwork and such a cool game design concept. Great work!

Thank you so much for playing <3

This is a cool demo and has some evocative world building given how short it is. Lot of weird stuff. I'm curious where it'll go from here.