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15 Jan 2023:  26pts








It helps to turn in the air


Cool game

There's a speedrun leaderboard here if anyone is interested :)

Tried without caring for deaths

This is awesome, looking forward to transport ships! Perhaps a population cap based on area or city population to stop tiny islands becoming invincible from having ridiculous numbers of troops?

I swear it got 10x harder after my first try

This was wonderful, I love how much more challenging hardcore makes it

Very well made

Speedrun leaderboard here if anyone is interested:

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82 months 0 deaths - it's pretty easy after getting the observatory, i didnt bother unlocking alot of the research tree

Edit: 76 months 0 deaths!

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no text box appears when interacting with an npc, but it still plays the typing sound and i have to keep pressing z to skip through it

edit: randomly fixed itself

I got it all right except for B7 because whats written on the form and on the instructions are different, i followed the instructions and it was wrong

nice game, i got 22.897

Great game and visuals, took a while but i finished... sure glad i remembered all those required numbers ಠ_ಠ oh and my dreams are now haunted by that horrifying jumpscare.

my only complaint is the mouse visible on screen

Your supposed to pull that? I couldn't find how. Ah well

Thanks, I couldn't find what to do with the sand - suppose I missed that somehow. \o/

seems cool but i have no idea how to make a bucket

how do you do level 2?

settings doesnt work 

Awesome game! may have gotten a little obsessed and brought all the cubes to the end room, also in the first button room you can take the cube with you without pausing by running backwards. Anyways, well done on this great idea! 

psssst....pretty sure thats intentional