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Scared Square Games

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I could tell from your username that you would love this game

Glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks so much! Glad you like it :D

A lovely short experience that offered insight into this short time period in the developers life.

Wow. That got dark fast...

Cool little game. Really like the concept. There a few typos, but the art is good :)

This is a cool use of flickgame. I like it :D really nice art too.

Hi! As long as the core game/gameplay takes place or is explained on the one sheet, then add any extra items to the game you want. Feel free to interpret how you want. It's not the end of the world if you break a rule or two if you have an awesome idea! 

Working on it ;) & thanks btw!

Just realised this question had already been asked and answered here:

Game Maker Studio

Hey, I liked this entry a lot and played it on Halloween too :D

Really liked this entry. The art is superb and really enjoyed the exploration elements too. This inspired me to take part in the jam myself.

When I posted my game it has a white border around it. I tried altering the viewport dimensions in the game's settings, but I can't seem to get rid of it, all it does is cut it off. What can I do?

Link to my game:


Thanks for playing and your video! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Yup (it says this in the rules) :)

No, there is no theme. Maybe if I do the jam again, there might be a theme, but as this is the first one, I'm leaving it open-ended. 

Your most welcome! :)

They can be somewhere else like a website, but you could also use the reverse side of the paper for instructions. If you print out on both sides of the paper, this would technically still be ONE sheet, so is allowed.

Yes! You can require the player to cut/fold/tear any part of paper for the game. Using playing pieces are fine, but these should be on the sheet for the player to cut out and use. 

There are no prizes, but you can say you won the very first PaperJam :)

The game was written in GML - the scripting language used in Game Maker Studio