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Curious about this as well.

Oh cool. Thanks!

CBR+PNK Core community · Created a new topic CBR+PNK SRD?

I was wondering if there was a Word Doc or SRD of the game. One player has a hard time reading the pamphlet. 

I'll be using this in my first session of Wildsea, next week!

Hello! I'm glad you enjoy Wretched games as much as I do!
I've added some community copies, so pick yourself up one.

Just wanted to say that this s a really well done supplement. 

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After the Fae Courts were ravaged by a primordial evil known as The Dark Well, they went to seek out help from the Realm of Man. Sadly, many centuries have gone by since this many Fae have been in the Realm of Man. Modern and strange, the only ones that can help fight back the evil are fledgling mages. Now Fae and mages join forces to form The Last Order.

The game is based off of Jason Tocci's 24XX system. A rules-lite system, only 4 pages long and quick to start playing with. The game was created by using the SRD.

I hope you enjoy it

Hi! I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for putting together this SRD for Wretched & Alone. 
I made my own game called, Revenge Is A Poison using it. The SRD was very helpful.

A very cool playbook for Masks. Different, but could easily fit in a Mask campaign. 

Thank you! 

Thank you!  :)

Also, want someone else to win. So you try to make the other’s names sound better. 

Thank you! :)

I fought an eyeball!

The title alone makes me smile! :D