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Thanks for the nice compliment!

Thank you so much!

You’re very welcome!

This screensaver looks flaming cool!

Cool screensaver!

What a nice digital postcard!

That sounds really cool!

Great job!

I appreciate your positive feedback!

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much! I have looked at your Tigermoth project, and it looks really fun to play. I might try it out soon.

That sounds really impressive! Great job on making the first MMO for the Game Boy Advance!

Thank you very much!

Hi there, I want to ask a question. It is that are you planning to make another Wii jam?

I was about to submit it to this one, but wasn’t able to do so.

So I was wondering if you had a plan to make one.

Thanks! From, Chukoloco08.

Thank you very much!

I am continuing to develop the Clayton and the Gloppies game thanks to the great reception from the public to make it even better.

I’ll make more levels. I have made another concept for a new level. Which can be read on the development logs of Clayton and the Gloppies.

Thank you very much!

I appreciate your support for Clayton and the Gloppies.

I will allow you to promote the Clayton and the Gloppies game!

Thanks for asking!

I will try to make more levels for the Clayton and the Gloppies game!

Confidence and faith in making the game is still considered by me, due to it being easier to make than one of the other games I made.

Which was Silly Sammy: The Adventure, but have cancelled, due to me not having confidence in it and felt less innovative and/or cool than Clayton and the Gloppies, plus it just wasn’t easy and organized like this game.

Thank you very much for liking my prototype game of Clayton and the Gloppies!

You can share me more ideas like new level designs, music, characters, and more if you want to.

Hi there!

I am wanting to submit a Wii project to this jam, it is going to be a late submission anyways.

I hope it is okay anyway, as I still have the link to submit it, even if it is outside the timeframe I was able to do so. Nobody else has submitted anything to the jam, so I wanted to contribute to it.