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Can you post your pc specs please!

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huge update! great work!

edit: My imports seem to be working great with textures, nice!

I can't really think of anything that might do this, it works normally for me.  As long as you have "Export Textures" on, exported textures go in a folder called textures in the same directory where you exported the model. Unless there is some sort of weird permissions issue where the program is, try running the program as administrator if you are on windows.

If you could record a short clip of what happens that would help figure out this bug.

You would have to make a custom block where a cube is sliced around the border so that it's actually 2 objects, then when you bring it in to asset forge you can freely paint the border and inside part. I'm not sure if you can actually make that custom block itself inside asset forge though you would have to get creative.

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Introducing one of more to come collection packs: Wood Furniture!

I don't mean to turn Asset Forge into The Sims, but I got really into the idea of using Asset Forge to Prototype Levels, so I made each of these assets by hand with Rhino3d and Google images.

WEBM of bar pieces:

The wood changes colors nicely with Asset Forge
WEBM of wood flavors:

How to use:
+Download and unzip this file in the Collections folder where you installed Asset Forge
+Read the first part of the license file and then delete the license file.
+Restart Asset Forge. ~2mb

If you want to help me feel free to share this collection and/or donate any amount you want (min $1)
Use this link to donate: __here__

Reddit Thread


Thanks,Here's the furniture , I wanna make like 10 more and then release it on here free. :D

Here's a couple of wood furniture I made to test importing.

You can see that when you place the custom object the mapping has errors.

When loading the object, the mtl file I provided works well and does not have those errors.

Suggested solution: Temporarily force custom objects to use the original MTL file and not one generated with Unity.
When you can add a texture map tool then you can remove this limitation.