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Saturn's Wood Furniture Collection featuring Build-A-Bar! Free for any use!

A topic by SaturnDesigns created Jul 06, 2017 Views: 2,555 Replies: 4
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Introducing one of more to come collection packs: Wood Furniture!

I don't mean to turn Asset Forge into The Sims, but I got really into the idea of using Asset Forge to Prototype Levels, so I made each of these assets by hand with Rhino3d and Google images.

WEBM of bar pieces:

The wood changes colors nicely with Asset Forge
WEBM of wood flavors:

How to use:
+Download and unzip this file in the Collections folder where you installed Asset Forge
+Read the first part of the license file and then delete the license file.
+Restart Asset Forge. ~2mb

If you want to help me feel free to share this collection and/or donate any amount you want (min $1)
Use this link to donate: __here__

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Super cool !

Good job! I'll be trying these out =)

These are really awesome and go great with the included castles pieces! Love how you made the floor fit under the grid as well, great work! :)

Very nice,  will definitely use these. The program seriously lacked interior features, that's now solved for the medieval-ish style.