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Can I recommend players to use software like Hamachi / ZeroTier to play my game online?

Thank you!

Thank you! I've spent too much time drawing the main character heh. The game is kinda unbalanced. You need to stay in place(without shooting) to drink tea, which gives you hp

cute and funny, nice

+ cool graphics

Small advice, change collision from sphere to box and add bigger friction

Thank you ScalphaMission!

Thanks for the review on Twitch.
We did make the music ourselves and I appreciate your comment on that :). We might have gone a bit overboard with the difficulty. Perhaps making a similar mechanic to Hotline Miami where you can aim with the mouse would make it easier instead of using a "4 directional" method of aim (WASD). Could tweak the timings too.

Thanks for your input!

You have 60 seconds to escape the prison before reinforcements come your way.

Heavily focus on your movement ability (WASD), and quick reaction times for attacking (LMB). Movement is a crucial weapon in your arsenal. Make sure to quickly turn and side-step when you attack.

In this One Minute Jam, we wanted to make it as action packed as possible within the 60 seconds. So, we really focused on gameplay, and it's mechanics. We were going for simple, smooth, but satisfying. Let us know what you think!


Here's some backstory:

Stuck in the cold chambers for so long, you can't recall the year. You got dragged into this dump for 'misconduct', but you remember nothing... THEY have been depriving you of food for what seems an eternity. Why would they keep you down here?

The organization behind your entrapment is getting complacent. They start visiting your cell frequently. You see a way out. You make sure to look weak when the sadistic guard comes in for your daily beating. Waiting for the right day, the right moment, you pounce.

- "I am the Juggernaut, bi*ch"

Now you must escape!

Thank you! I will definitely do something with this idea.

Thank you. I will upload the Linux version and add some changes in gameplay + music after the vote ends. About that "Crash problem" I found it. It will be repaired in a new version.

Thank you. I will upload Linux version after the vote ends. It will be upgraded by adding the boss and some graphic changes.(I need to hide that debug log xD)

Thank you. I will add these changes to the new version after the vote is finished. Next time I will try to upload Windows and Linux versions. PS. I forgot about that output xD