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That was a a different opening than I am used to.  The shadow doesn't seem to cover the sprite properly?

Not much to go on yet, but I would also recommend using a different font.  While I don't mind it too much, it may be a bother for others, with the way the letters are so thin.

hehehehehehe! X3

In part because I know translations can be rough at times.  In the case any of this was fixed by the later patch since I downloaded this when it was first released, do ignore what you are already aware of.

Are they Albino or Artic Wolves?  Albinos can only have red eyes.

The car ride and weather report will need editing, one of the biggest hassles of translating is tenses and telling adjectives and adverbs apart.  There is in a fair number of places extra or misplaced letters on words.

Tennis Ace perhaps? hehe!

I can't tell if its intentional or not, as I can't tell if its the way Japan's education system differs from the US, but they can't both be going to high school if he graduated from high school, so is he going to a College or University?

Foreshadowing much? X3

Really nice sound track pairing! Heh metajoke too! ^^ He makes me think of space... knew it first time I saw him in the dev logs though! ^^;  I get nervous in new situations too, but I tend to shut down instead of overdrive...  The tour glazed over the details, but I can only assume that later on more in depth detail will be given upon actually going to those locations.  Class was glazed over as well, nothing mentioned of note of the other students, but otherwise good enough for keeping brief.  I think I'm going to have to expect that daily interactions are not going to be focused on much.  But it would help add atmosphere and immersion.  Though it is a bit sudden the intense level of attraction, but I have to say that its only a difference of preference and way of thinking.  Just met and already wanting to sleep with this guy!?

Its true that we do not need to know of others issues or personal struggles, unless they feel good enough to confide in us, or the information becomes important or relevant to share.  I'm of a curios sort so I will ask, but I won't try to pry too much further, and may ask again a good while later, depending on response given.  I myself tends to be an open book, but only when it once again feels relevant enough to share. If we do not voice our struggles, then we may not get help we may not realize we need to overcome them.  Feeling alone is never good.  It is a balance between respecting and caring about another, but patience is key.

Yep jumping to conclusions bothers me a a lot, but I must be mindful that this is his personality, that you have given him.

Aaannddd... nothing on the pickup, or the candy store... and seriously? Complaining about the brother when you were already fawning over this guy??? *facepaw*  This is what is referred to as a Catch Twenty-Two, if you show so much interest in something, you can't not be teased about it.  You can't have both.  That is also why the Golden Rule exists.

Ugg.. jealousy and judgementalism without a word prior? I SERIOUSLY despise "Shoot First" types!  Unfortunately what follows is the ideal scenario that doesn't stand to happen much, especially in the US..., no one bothers to find out both sides of the story and ask questions of why. :/  Suspended for three days, expulsion is technically permanent.

Big error! How can they play at 5 p.m., if classes don't end until 5:10 p.m.???

This cat has issues, but if he he can admit he is/was wrong, he is already better than many others.  Even so, regardless of the reasons, doing the right thing can be hard, because you know you messed up.

Uhm... they never played that game together..., or did they?  I'm now getting the feeling that this is to illustrate how scatterbrained this poor guy is...  Goddarnit! This is a serious situation, and they are messing with his heart! DXD

The drama club making a fuss over something... being DRAMAtic... did they not SPECIFY enough what they wanted??? ugh..., lack of communication is sufferocating!!!  That anchor... its synonymous with drowning, with goign nowhere, with being your very own grave... if your referencing THAT novel that is... ugh... that damn novel...  I value disciplinary action and accountability, but it is also important to follow up with getting to the root or cause of the problems to prevent them from happening again..., this however directly contradicts the no prying from earlier, which in turn can make the executor stand out out as cold and uncaring, the exact opposite of what you intend his character to be.  Lack of understanding does wonders to cause chaos.  It requires a balance between being both firm and sensitive.  Do not just punish, but also find a better way forward, otherwise the situation can happen again, and worse.

Nice meeting this other cat??? There was hardly any talking!

Back to him..., the fact that he has acknowledged he is a bit of a jerk, and is wanting to talk things out, stands to say that despite his impulsiveness, that he can be reasoned with, and what better way to help resolve differences then sharing?  You hardly see this amount of self awareness these days...  Well that tune is one way to say "Bad Boy".

Rain is both calming and a mood dampener for me, even can put me asleep, as  long as I'm inside, I don't mind too much.  I tend to be really sweet, its no wonder I almost killed myself Type 1 style! (Half Joking, Half Serious)  Teaching is nice, but does it do much good if the one being taught doesn't do the actions themselves?  Practice makes perfect they say!

Need For Speed or Fast and Furrious? oy...  Went to Shibuya, eh? Hope you didn't find any Reapers!!! XD  Ah two guy loving their Raw Men! Ok now that was funny inner monologue! XD  Hrm.. I do feel that eventually the CGs will need a redoing/touch up, but for now their intention is clear enough!  And again share only those things when it feels right and natural.

A squealer next? Almost intentional after that necklace...

I agree love, just as much as respect and friendship, it must be earned, nto demanded or expected, and it also must be maintain in order to keep things strong no matter how far you may drift apart (figuratively and literally), for it will also help with reconnection.

Mhm... one of the biggest messages I try to get out there, there will eventually be an exception to your perception of something, but until you find that exception your judgement can be marred and distorted.  I don't take issue with many things unless they are on a fundamental, psychological, or sociological level.  In all cases its about one group not thinking through how their actions impact others, including those they claim to be fight for.  For that reason is why I seek to ask questions in order to understand, but getting no answers, hostility, or judgement back, only serves to prove evidence that there is reason to think down on them, for they are standing in their own way.  It not about who they are, its about the actions they take.  Be a living and caring being, nothing is all about your wants and demands, the world won't bend to you just because you want it to.  I have come to also realize that hate is merely a shorter way for lack of understanding.  That also includes though be disallowed to understand or refusal to understand the other point of view, and once things get too negative, no one is ever going to listen.  This is positivity and trying to be constructive, or even call out ones own possible misconceptions is important, because it shows that you are aware that you don't know everything.  I'm smart, but I'm nota genius, and most certainly do not know everything, for if I have never been exposed to it, how would I ever know, let alone be expected to know?  It is very unfair to automatically expect others to treat you properly if you think that hey should just know, it is a reverse way of judging a book by its cover, by assuming the ways others are going to act towards you without even getting to know them.

Still though too much negative emotion built up will eventually lead to an outburst of some kind, unless the issue is dealt with before it gets out of control.  Disarm the bomb that others don't realize they are only arming.  It can go off in some of the most unexpected ways, and even cause a chain or ripple effect from one overflow to the next.

Sad part is that even those who are discriminated against discriminate others, and go as far as to assume they are being discriminated against, just because they are approached by someone who is not their kind.  People who support them and have the means to keep this in check often ignore this fact, and therefore enable this behavior.  This is what is called a double standard, one of which directly opposes the objectives of equality, making it a Catch 22, because of the Golden Rule, and one of the highest forms of Hypocrisy.  You can't fight something by doing the very thing back without having a proper direction or targets, otherwise you are blindly lashing out, causing fear and dissent.  No one is goign to want to help those who can't help themselves, when they are in perfect condition of doing so (as those physically or psychologically unable to are outliers/exceptions to this).  Again respect must be earned, only through understanding, only through learning, only through talking.  We all have feelings, neglect them and you will find yourself alone or surrounded by fakers.

Being in a good position to helps others is a good opportunity to do exactly that.  It is important to take care of oneself, but don't be stingy either when it comes to others.  A little give and take or sharing is ideal for being able to continue supporting each other.

Naivety of ignoring the warnings signs that something is off, but be sure to mention something if it gets worse!  No one sane wants to be a burden to others, but sometimes need to let others help you, this is another tie into prior, but this time it is health concern.  They are already worried!  Trying to act tough is no good if you are subjecting yourself to harm without good reason.  trying to run from or ignore your problems isn't good either.  Part of being able to move on is being able to address or overcome them.  While this is a smaller scenario, ignoring the others concerns IS insensitive...

I know its described as a simple recipe, but surely he who does not know how to cook would make some small errors?  Well I guess that is one thing to go horribly wrong!  Spice does help clear sinuses though!  My dad can't grocery shop to save his life either! ^^;  Ha! X3 All Dees Goods!

Yep that damnation Novel... so damn off from its original concept...  Well I guess I can't tell which novel those lines were referring to, clever!

It would be adorable to see them both in their PJs!  Carrot cake is one of my favorites too, top three or five!  Awww... too bad this wolf isn't important enough to have an image or sprite ^^;

Now that is truly deplorable of HIM...  being able to care about others is very important.  Shouldn't lil bro have invited over some of his friends too?

When you take things for granted and it suddenly bites you in the rear! ^^;  mmm Psychology! And subject on something I do think about a lot, and I do indeed myself lack proper Motivation and Drive.  Isolation, disconnection, understanding, feelings, all words I have used often in regards to behaviors.  Wait he smoked!? Was not expecting that detail.  In the night I am more thoughtful and pensive as well.

Well that is something you don't find everyday!  Yay more BFs! XD

Wow... this was a lot..., while I find the story/plot a bit lacking in details/elaboration, it is heavy on its many messages that I all care a great deal about.

Very clever side steps! Keeps things exciting too!

Your unique art style is so cute too!

Yay! Aloys CG!

Forced into an unfamiliar situation, it is natural to be scared, nervous, or panic.  These though could end up making the situation worse as it distracts from clearer thinking.  And when the emotions start to run high...   He may have been asking for it, but that is no reason to neglect him and brush him off, he has feelings too after all.  In the end reality is often found by looking deeper than face value, in order to challenge how you perceive a situation, sometimes though one may need help, but most often others will just ignore you or shove you away.  The importance of feeling like others care about you, but that also requires them knowing when to loosen their grip too, ese that care becomes controlling.  Familiarity and taking things for granted can cause loss of awareness and naivety about situations and upcoming situations, when they are something that was not expected.  The smallest things may slip form our grasp that others can use to twist and manipulate.  Tell the truth and don't hide, but only after the hurt stops, otherwise the pain may grow the longer a situation is allowed to linger, because in distress bad choices stand to be made.  Sometimes though there are impasses, and that is where the gravest mistakes are made if it is not broken up to let them cool off.  Doing things behind others backs is reprehensible, but in extreme cases may need to be done if there is no way forwards. but never should it be done in spite or ill intent.  After such horrendous pain, a person who cares about may very well close themselves off, and start believing that it is all their own fault, and that there is no one who will help them, this only stands to drive the issue further without breaks, unless some form of logic manages to overcome the intense emotions.

How can I say all this? I've lived through it DOZENS of times.  I have feelings too, including happiness, depression, anxiety, bewilderment, frustration, and contemplative, and people seem to forget that ALOT.  It does not give anyone the right to bully others or shut them out when they know nothing about the circumstances, or even more continual harassment and stalking.  There is nothing more frustrating then not being able to defend yourself, and that is where fight or flight may kick in, but now you don't know where to go.  I arbore double standards and denial of accountability.  It only serves to increase aggravation, and perpetuate the cycle of negative emotions.

I have my guilt, I have my shame, but where is everyone else's???

Save him, save him from himself, but not his situation, not easily anyway.  Being self aware is important.  Being aware of how others feel is important.  Being aware of how what you do would make others feel is important.  None of us are that special or exempt, just because of a perceived status or title.  There is doing the easy thing and doing the right thing.  Often times the right thing is the hardest because we don't want to accept it or face it.  So instead we try to make shortcuts or excuses to lie to ourselves or others.

I am and never will be an exception to any of these faults, but I have a right to own up to my own actions.

Lion represents my typical joyful optimism.

Wolf (MC) represents my thorough thinking and overthinking / analyzing of things.  And great memory capacity.  I do have Autism of mathematical/analytical type.  ALMOST like a machine in this sense! XD

Both have the guilt that comes with when I know or feel I have done something wrong.

Tiger represents my deep dark thoughts I try not to entertain, as well as my depression and anxiety, triggering overwhelming fear.  Chronic pessimism like this though really irritates me.

Bear represents how I wish to be to others. when upset being alone tends to help me calm down until I can be more reasonable again as well as think over things, in part because I know when feeling that torment while unprocessed quickly turns to anger and irritation, no different than dealing with a bleeding wound, just emotionally.  I like to talk and converse, perhaps too much, but only by communication can there ever be hope to understand each other.

But I do like "Wolfy"! X3 FEWD! :D Fwish!

AND BINGO! Perception! A thought that I HIGHLY emphasize, as well in tandem to the Tiger's "We are our greatest enemy".  Just because we are taught something or stand to think about things in a certain way, does not GARUNTEE it to be true in all cases..., BUT the more a similar scenario plays out, be it positive or negative, the more it stands to change the way we perceive things pertaining to that topic and possibly in general.  Just because we didn't see something doesn't mean it did not or does not happen, just because we hear something, does not mean ti is true or false.  I do stand to be proven wrong on things, but raw evidence and facts, with sources and both sides of the story and all evidence and information provided can I ever come to a logical conclusion.  If I only ever know one side of the story, then I will only ever be able to perceive things from that side of the story.  In order to be more open minded I need understanding, that can only be brought by knowledge and information.

Is that a red herring or a Magikarp? X3 ^^; Oh... yep...  Sometimes answers are no readily available, but that is still better than being denied.  Though hot and cold... hemodynamic power, the initial basis for my sona's powers, thrown even further when added in fire and ice swapping their reasons for their behavior, cold fire proliferating in ice and snow, ice freezing over an oasis in a boiling desert and not melting until it gets cold..., in both cases these abnormalities wear off when dealt with by similar methods as normal or turn back form solid or gas to water.

I do like speaking my mind at times, but even in disagreement, I like to know others understand why I think what I do.  I think what I do by using what I know to try to think of how both sides feel, and try to find a way to meet in the middle.

That is all fur now until next lie! Er.. see what I did there? X3

And good news is that any translation issues were often repeated, making it easier to find them.  Biggest one was "remind / reminded / reminding" when it should be "remember / remembered / remembering", but don't go replacing them all without checking the context of the sentence, as it is possible "remind" is correct term.

I also took Spanish as second language in school, so I know/retained by now only the very basics.  Just noting that I struggle the same in the opposite way ^^;

Feel it be best I stay out of the server???  That is fine

It only just started and I'm already dying of laughter! XD

How does something that fat move that quickly? XD (Bulky though in this case)

"If you do not understand what happened, you may misunderstand what follows."  Huge Mood

Anger, Frustration, Doubt, and more, negatives interfere with communication and in turn mess with understanding, and when both sides fall into its grasp, chaos ensues.  But if only there was others to break it up and time it out until calmer again.  It is something we all have to learn the hard way...

"You don't think beyond yourself!" A problem that plagues many these days, but without sharing our feelings and reasons we think certain things, there can be no hope in understanding both perspectives.  Problems can easily be more complex then we realize, yet still possibly have simple solutions, if only we could open up and be more tolerant of each other.  Even as hard as I would like to try, meeting walls without reason only frustrates me, because in equal part do I not understand or be understood.  Chronic displays of this only serves to taint how we view things, as we may deem it no longer worthy of our time or effort.  This can eventually lead to a slow domino effect over time.

Really like the music track for this event.

And as follows feedback for the feelings our actions cause, if we do not see it, we do not easily understand it, and may ignore it altogether.  That is why we must ask questions of why we feel the need for certain feelings or actions, only by seeking clarity can you get clarity.

Title screen is breathtaking!  Wuff! Handsome!

The frustration of something being done to you, without you having any feasible way to fight back.  Thank the good boy though!

Insulted by a machine! DXD

Buck! Adorable! Quirky!

I Luv Salmon!  Dog! Professional!

Weird group...

No cutsies! No one caring though! *shrug*

hrm... oh... even good ones have bad sides! hehe

Funny, when his current design is sketch y ^^;

Strange though... not even goign to ask what he needs green for? Even then though, the situation seems inevitable.

I am curious though, is the extra content intended to be part of a future public build or is it only some filler (for elaboration purposes?) content for Paetrons? Wanting to be sure I understand the intents.

Oh dear... quite the contrast between open clear communication and censorship..., mix them together and there is no telling what is genuine or fake...

Oh god I don't drink, but I'd hope this isn't me if drunk, I don't need sugar to be hyper and silly! so don't dare send it into overdrive! aie! XD, don't want to cross a redline    Oh I get it! whack a donkey! er... pin a melon... no that is not it either! XD  Oh god I can't breathe either! omg! XD and he crossed a redline for sure...

This is one of the biggest risks of American handball, makes sense for collisions like that to mess you up...

Woah! Never let your guard down! Things are getting pretty complicated! Ooofff!

Lion should be rename SALTan! XD

Still hard to say what character I like the most.., but can't help loving "King" Kim! XD

Interviews are hard to properly ever prepare for... but this is sad, oy... ^^;     DOH! WUT!?! OMG! XD     You had one job!!! One Job! oh dear...     And the power of talking, and not ignoring things!...

KITTY! (Gosh I love the way you keep the teases coming XD), and so adorable!!! AND FLUFFEH!!!

Hrm... we have North, East, South, but now what about West?

Hrm... ever going to meet Kim's dad?

Nick? He was never introduced?...  Oh this guy! Had been wondering where he went... Who is Sultan?  The character name is mentioned before anyone even tell Reyan about his name.  Oh god a parent child relationship that is Ollie's Flipped! XD

Major owch!... This is why I try warn others of my intentions, so that boundaries could be set if needed... I'd rather try to get in front of a potential issue before it starts..., sometimes though one may not be aware there will be an issue...

And worse... when you get unintentionally involved in something without prior knowledge... and pretentious individuals..., but also hard to reason with those who are upset... sigh that one was my fault

And back to this... could have been so much worse, but again... communication...

Oh! This is a surprise, going to that direction now and fursonally!

Troubling..., but what events will this lead to? I wonder...

Its is good to know of past in order to understand the present, but if one does not know the reasons for feelings that seem out of place, only by asking can they understand, but both sides must be willing to listen.

Anger though is a big turn off from listening and it makes it hard to maintain clarity and an open mind.  Repressing negative feelings instead to find someone to talk to only serves to fuel frustration and isolation.

I want to see what you have in mind for this as the story continues, for I do have my own demons to fight, and only by learning can possibly change at least some of my thoughts.

Things get complicated when issues remain unresolved and/or a lack of information from/for all involved.  The unknown brings fear, but also curiosity, to gain understanding is to dispel both and doubts.

For this reason I really enjoyed the class to elaborate on the lore.

Another example is misreading a situation because of lack of communication, two thinking about completely different things.

Willingness too take responsibility is something I value, I would rather admit my mistakes if I am wrong or proven wrong.

After that reading the rest of the story is clear in base outline, but the details I can't even start to guess at.

I am Autistic and this update might as well be my life story.

Thanks, I'm too used to looking for things on itch ^^;

I'm still banned from discord server, if this is permanent, just say yes.  I will delete this post myself afterwards.

Thank you then, I guess

That Shower CG hit all my weaknesses...

I'm sure your busy, but a devlog of progress and/or reasons for holdup would be nice to ease tension of worrying! :3

Doesn't even need to be very detailed, just let us know you still exist! X3

Negativity Piling, very rude!

Interesting! Now it is all starting to make some sense!  Yet even then more mystery is made... so close yet so far!  The journey has only begun!

Music, delightfully atmospheric. Transitions, woah nice!  View panning (Background)! That is new!

Obeying authority is important, but doing it blindly is for a fool.  Were there a tangible reason or friendlier demeanor from the guards, I would be compelled to comply.  The appearance of the interloper only stands to further these distinctions that the situation is not right, the situation and words said can that quickly change the context of something.  So in this case it feels better to trust one who feels like they seek to aid.  In any case, SOMEONE is willing to step up and help and not just stand around and let something bad happen.  This right here is VERY IMPORTANT.  Many times there is a clear abuse in the midst of crowds of people, yet no one is willing to stand up to or against the abuse.  Still the struggle here is also a fighting retreat, no malice or more violence than needed to remove oneself from the situation.

Still though... unless the story is designed to allow it to interweave with choices made (semi-linear), I may just have to check out the other option at some point.  Clearly "human" isn't normal here! X3 and would like to be able to meet all the characters, because after al first impressions may be wrong, if and when we are given the proper context to understand the reasons for actions in an unfamiliar situations.  When something is unknown and no guidance is given, that is where rash actions may end being taken.

When there are groups at odds with each other, and there is no willingness by both to find some sort of common ground with which to unify them, there will the oppressors and the oppressed, but even then you can't guarantee which is which.  If individuals are not careful the situation could flip, resulting in a scenario that is no different, as now you still have a group oppressed.  Also need to be careful not to oppress those that may help you, lest they turn into an enemy, because you have given ample reason for them to distrust you.  Don't follow blindly, don't trust blindly, don't act blindly.  Even those you trust could be undermining you behind your back.  All of this is reasons why such groups have to result to threats towards their own members, but there still is a difference between it being done in the form of an oath and kinship, and that of tyranny and fear.

While there will always be differences amongst social and economic classes, the ability to respect others and be respected in turn, regardless of those positions, is important to maintaining an overall happiness.  If any side abuses or hoards its power too much it creates imbalances, but by using their surplus to occasionally help those less fortunate is to make them feel recognized, valued, and appreciated.  This in turn makes them want put more effort back into their work.  In order to maintain a good working machine maintenance and oiling must be done, lest they become rusty and grind to a halt or worse.  Life has cycle, life has rhythm, but disrupt it too much and it will create waves that stand to eventually echo and come crashing back down on you.  One must be aware of the consequences of actions they take, as well as responsibility for them.  This is why I agree to occasionally challenging the way things are, but how it is challenged matters just as much, lest a chain is formed of the ways the challengers conduct themselves get challenged.  This goes back to the paragraph prior.

In all cases there is always more sides to a story then meet he eye.  The issue gets clouded though the more times evidence shows more to a given side or thought.  Provide the proof, dispel the doubt, be the one to show and change minds that what they think is not always the case.  This is what I long for, information to make informed decisions and truth, rather than rashness because all we may have ever been exposed to is one side.

I can't help be passionate about all this because often we may not look deep enough into the messages being shown, even when its one we are already living through.

Each character has an introduction and has at least one CG to help differentiate from their sprites.  While there is no body language difference between displayed emotions, the facial expressions seem to change enough that there is no similarities, it may be enough for me to be happy with it.  Nice touch that each character seems to have theme music too, in a way describing their personality.

Ah debates like this... I wish I was better at getting my points across at times, but debating and arguing aren't the same thing... and frankly I'm too used to people being overly defensive that it only leads to arguing.  If level headiness and cool is kept then it can be much easier to debate.  Debating doesn't necesscerily mean one side is right or wrong, it more to sift through the facts, something that arguing may stand to overlook.  Not even I am immune from this, but jumping to defensive conclusions doesn't ever help.  There is some guilt to be had by me.

What a Guy! Sorry had too...

Love all the real life pop references!

Amazing how one little screw up can suddenly ruin someone's life!  And yet most people just proceed to ignore it, yet don't bother to think about if it were them!

And gut punch!  The little hypocrisies most of us (and I do have my own idiosyncrasies, but again so used to it that I won't notice on my own) don't realize we do.

THE COACH IS A PUG! XDXDXD, I'm sorry but the irony of having your own expectations shattered and you hit yourself for ever thinking otherwise!  At least he is pugnacious! >..>

Once again that feeling of stepping on eggshells over uncertainties on some things.  Once again though the key to clearing up a misunderstanding is clear communication, make it know that what they they think you are thinking is not what you are thinking at all, tell the truth, otherwise it will create more friction.  I had a professor for World Religion, who also was a (Christian?) (Priest?), someone actually asked his thoughts about gays, he initially took a bit, clearly uncomfortable, and said he didn't like it, but he had nothing against it.  It was merely not his business AND there was no outstandingly bad about it.  It was an honest answer expressing how he felt, but nothing made him think anything truly ill of it.  Like many things, it is not easy until it is normalized, but he bigger issue is the actions taken to normalize something, which will stand to brighten or stain the name of something, on a grand or even small as personal scale, for we are shaped by our experiences which change how we perceive things.

Another point is location, location, location.  Not everyone lives where you do, so you can't expect them to understand everything that is going on.  Still if claims can be backed up with proof, they would no longer be considered assumptions.  I guess this where I tend to fail, for I don't try hard enough to link things to more concrete examples of things that have happened.  Even if I did most would still reject it anyway.  Its where things tend to get down to messy he said, she said, (they/it said?)...

Still I am able to recognize my own failure.

The GSA, a means for sharing information, therefore informing others, which in turn promotes awareness, which then removes stigmas caused by lack of knowledge about something otherwise unknown. Communication! It works wonders!  There needs to be more groups like these, god (if any) knows that I am in need of it for beyond LBG, as the rest are or at least feel more obscure and grey.  Other may have concerns too, and they have concerns, so how else are we to find a better way to understand each other than to communicate?  Change doesn't happen overnight!

Ugg.. I do talk too much, but I am passionate, to strive for better understanding and mutual respect.  Nothing is free, but not everything is a tangible object either.  In both cases they have to be earned somehow, but how earned is defined could vary by circumstance.  Nothing is ever that easy, but it does not have to made so complicated either though.

1000 years by the time your done with him! :P

Now you know how Melmond feels! XD

Will need to adjust he head space information to state that you need to open the Star Chart both for the side stories and for story continuation.  Or to have a point by which its said to access the side stories "NOW" else the story "WILL CONTINUE".  Because of his hiccup I did not see the new story right away! XD

I'm glad you can make fun of the sprite! XD

Assumptions we all make them, we make them based on what little knowledge we have.  The difference is knowing our assumptions may be wrong, and to prove ourselves wrong requires more information and understanding.  The more times though an assumption is proven correct despite efforts to learn more, the more it becomes to be considered fact, and can paint things in a light that is hard to remove.  Denying education and understanding on matters only promotes assumptions of the unknown, hostility promotes fear, fear promotes assumptions, assumptions promote a fact to an individual that may not be true, but the individual has come to accept must be true.  In any regard this is all a two way street, there is no room for double standards, for those only add to to uncertainties.  Aggression only leads to bitterness, and in time that bitterness leads to aggression, like a damn overflowing, and because others do not help to maintain the dam and ease tensions or seek to give non or generic answers, it in turn leads to the thoughts that hey don't give a dam one way or the other.  You can't defend something with cardboard and excuses.  The message I keep trying to repeating is things are messed up while everyone else stands by idly, then they cast blame on the one trying to bring the issues to daylight.  Because of that they are then considered complicit in encouragement of aggressive actions of oppressors.  When they are in the position to bridge the gap, they rather yank it further away.  Loneliness and bitterness, which in turn can give away to anger and hatred, a spiral of negativity because they don't want to deal with it.

I want my answers, I want to proven wrong, but by now there are things by which even if evidence proves contrary, I am so far gone that I would never believe it.  In the end, eventually foundations crumble if the basic tenants on which it is formed are denied.  In the end though we must keep moving forwards, and these issues I will attempt to only passively be against.  It becomes hard though when an issue you ignore comes knocking around again.

In lieu of all this, I am not one for cocky attitudes, but given his looks and the interaction between you two, I'm willing to say he must have earned the right to it a little.  Seems like corruption feeds off of emotions and arcana feeds of the corruption.  Give and take, manage it wisely, lest you be all consumed by the light or the dark.

Fun, Creative, Mysterious, Deep, Thought Provoking

This time and again is how I feel of the whiplash you give between fantasy and reality.  It is an igneous way to present it all too, knowing when to hold back and when to let things flow!  Nothing but surprises, even when you think you know things.  Unexpected actions lead to unexpected results after all!

Sad prolouge... Very adorable opening! ^^  Ok I will admit that is hot, but too soon?  It not even been established as to his orientation?  Second on that is that if he did that, it wouldn't make sense that he has no idea of his orientation?  You would not insulate something if the other shows disgust or revulsion to it!  Jeez he could do with explaining the concerns away more!  Some of the interactions feel a little sudden and forced, no build up to make them seem natural.  Also little "shard", not "wolf" or "pup"? What is the significance as to why that term is used?  Yay other species! Even if its only a simple CG! :3 Nevermind he has a sprite! :D Next one there is at least one Cameo around here somewhere! XD  Really? A magic tome from a powerful individual being sold so freely? Isn't that dangerous? Can Dusan even use magic?  Then the reaction is so sudden and off putting, like they never talked about this before?  It makes the whole thing feel really dumb?  Tavern... more cameos!  What the heck? He is only looking to ask a simple question! Why is he paying for it?  This isn't some shady deal he is making!  And ugg even worse this sudden rough up situation?  Doesn't strike me as normal considering the way the guards acted, they can't be everywhere at once, but wouldn't they know these incidents take place?  Oh nevermind, there is the answer!  Hehe oddly enough it felt right to go for the potion!  Now it hurts! XD YIKES! Wasn't Expecting horror!  He certainly knows how to be promiscuous without overdoing it!  Calamity??? Wolf eating fish... (SALMON! <3, I woof love fwish!) Oh TWO daddies? XP  Ah! Now this is the backstory pieces I was missing and looking fur!

Would be curious to eventually know if there were any other survivors of the attack on his village, something to think and decide upon for a future chapter(s).

The visuals seem decent, least fur now! :3

I doubt you will need it, but am another who is great with ideas, basing it off of what I already know of the VN.  Whether you use it, some of it, or none is up to you.

Oh! I see! You went and made all the sprites and CGs 300% better! :D squirms!

But no woof sprite? D: X3 Maybe next time? :P

"Don't Ruin the Moment" is said in Spanish in the English Version at the graveyard while talking to her Mom's tombstone


When the update comes out, I'll give this a try then!

Concern for the future of the characters

But how else would it be so interesting?

(Staring from Ch 1 - 5 )

You will to recheck all the text for typos, lots of incomplete wor

I also wonder if there will be a hot temperature coat variation for MC too?

Story is changing, hrm... seems like I may need to replay after a few more shades!

Hooters! o.o  He is Asian? Didn't know if you would use ethnicities or not.  Good to know though!  Darn no image of Ross going around... D: XD   Owl Entered Asian mode!  XD  WOAH that is a SERIOUS plot twist!  Now if only they could contact each other?   Now that is beautiful CG! Simple but beautiful!

WOAH! KITTY! :D  Guardian?  Aw.. Hugging his tail and we don't get image? D: X3  He seems like if an American worked in Japan! XDXD  And course the strict dictatorial tiger parent nonsense...  Now that is again quite the CG wow!

Oh Ross... oh boi... Eee these CGs are so sincere feeling with the music tracks!  Oh Ross...

Hah! XD He so damn cute! XD  EEee!! I want to hug and squeeze! And sleep with/against!

Yep.. will need to replay through the VN next update, I'm surprised Itch hasn't been notifying me of the updates...,  I'm very curious as to where this story is headed, but I have an uneasy feeling to the ending... least one I'd expect from a first playthrough, should there be multiple.

Chet had seemed fine to me, but new one makes him look so much better, I can't say about the hair color though.  Byron definitely pops now, compared to the original seemed flat.  Sounds like you are planning on making general story content (linear, but flavored by route) and route specific content in between?  I've gotten to know Quang some, haven't talked to Chet, but think I'll like him too, but that species bias there ^^; (Carnivorous Mammals, namely Felines and Canines) (However not that Kitty, he is way too forward and promiscuous for my taste ^^;), but when I play a VN I try to interlace my thoughts and feelings and actions with that of the MC, the same way Simon's soul is now with Aaron's.  Because of this and having a strong desire for the best friend and/or first you meet, I am compelled to do Daniel's route first.

As far as camels are concerned, they know how to hump, humpty dumpty Wednesdays! XD

Fueled by Sanity

For insanity

Eh? X3

This has Persona 4 prologue Vibes all over it, doesn't it??? Hrm...

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Overload! Ooovvveeerrrllloooaaaddd!!!

The two of them are like both extremes of my own personality X..X I know I can be exhausting and I do over think things, but I mean if isolated... extreme! XD

Be careful what you wish for! He wanted a dog and he got two nutcases! hahaha XD

And oh gosh... this couldn't get any better or weirder! mehehe this is going to be sooo much fun!

Oh hell yes! XD   Check back tomorrow for a reply to this message for a proper review message.

Hrm... rather than editing the script files, which would impact saves, perhaps do it the other way around and have the gallery file fetch info itself from loaded save file (and its history), then check to see if corresponding info is in the gallery yet or not, and if not update that spot.  I don't know how far can be searched, but if certain scenes use a specific word that is not used elsewhere in the VN, could search for that exact word in place of a variable.  An example would be "Artificer" to correlate with the CG right before the fight/struggle, while that word may get reused, you would have had to have seen that CG first anyway to get there.  The harder part is that is core or non missable scene, so the same may not be able to be said for optional scenes.

Worst case is if you have to put variables into the script files (and saves stop working), you will need a chapter or part select feature to help viewers get back to where they were in haste time.  In this case I would seek to ask for coding help from how Distant Travels did its Chapter Select, where it skips right over to each decision point there was along the way (thus filling in the variables), with an additional "Start Here" (at this decision point) option.

Always options on how to give options, lots to think about, but don't overthink it.  Stop staring into space Melmond! XD

I'd say by chapter 3 add in way to track what you have or have not found, like a CG gallery, but in event its a scene with no CG have a representative (simple) placeholder image (such as the character(s) it pertains to).  Then by chapter 4 or 5 add in hints, which may also require enough progression before they show up in this gallery.  In any case being at least a little cryptic helps to not spoil the content it hides.

Ah.. the humor never gets old, this is what I love! The awkwardness! XP

And with that.. its delightfully horrible... or was it horribly delightful?  What was the point? It WAS the point.