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Very cool idea for your game. My thoughts are similar to the other 2 comments.

  • The requirements to pass the level are a bit too difficult, especially for the very first level where people are learning to play. I almost managed to beat level 3 but the requirement to take 25 damage screwed me over as not many enemies were spawning, then I get sent back to the main menu.
  •  It seems like the player has 3 lives before having to start over, but I didnt see that indicated anywhere so you don't know how many lives you have left. Being able to earn extra lives would be nice.
  • Showing items and enemies in the red indicator would help a lot, its hard to focus on your character and the locations of the items that are coming.
  • Certain items seem useless on earlier levels, such as the key  which I assume opens chests? Also other than the requirement on level 2, I'm not sure what the coins are for, is it just a highscore thing?
  • I dont think this game really needs the AP meter, I died to this a few times because I dropped myself into the void not realizing I couldn't move away, thought it was just a bug at first before I realized my problem. I think the players movement is already limited enough from the layout of the blocks and walls. Having to stand still and wait for the next block to drop before moving or attacking doesnt really add much.
  • There are lots of different enemy types but almost all of them seem to do the same thing, just melee attack. You added lots of cool stage hazards so Im sure you can think of ways to make more unique enemies.  How about a rock golem that requires hammer points to kill, or a mage that fires through walls?

Overall its a cool idea for a game.

This is the very first game I played and am reviewing on here so I'm not sure if I missed anything in regards to controls or instructions, but heres my review. 

As of now I felt like there was no way to really avoid damage. Each group of enemies I fought, I lost some hp, and I didnt find any way to regain health. So it was basically a matter of killing as many skeletons as possible before dying then having to run through the maze again to try and progress further. I only made it a bit past the swinging axes.

Combat is really basic, its basically just spam left click. If you hold left click I think it does a stab attack, but Im not sure the benefit of that compared to the normal attack. Blocking and the block charge also seems kind of useless because you are fighting a swarm of enemies that attack quickly and die in 1 hit, so you are better off just spam attacking instead of trying to block them. I think if you made the enemies slower, have more hitpoints, spawned fewer, and made it so there attacks were more telegraphed, it would make the combat much more interesting.

Enemies need some sound to them, even if its just rattling or something. They were super sneaky and sometimes I didnt even realize I was getting smacked in the back until I saw my health dropping. Basically everything needs more sound, though Im sure you are aware of that.

The environment, models and animations looked really good. My only real complaint is that its a maze where every room looks alike. Maybe block off some more of the empty rooms so the path is clearer.

Looks promising so far.