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Mmm,  crust burgir!


This is one of the moments

3rd 🕺

Wow! There is so much depth in gameplay, and small details that I love. Didn't finish killing 100 Draculas yet, but I'll try again tomorrow :D Btw is there or could you add speedrun timer?


Thanks for the feedback :)

Drank 10 beers and crasheded bcs can't drive straight, I hope you make Buz Kruz 2 some day, there is so much potential here :D

Wow, that was kinda hypnotic! Spent some time looking for something, but couldn't find it. Nice minimalistic experience :)

Thanks! :)

Made this thing in 1 hour


Took me way too long to realize that you can move objects with scroll wheel :D Cool concept!

I was afraid I made the game too confusing, because no one else tested it before I published it :D Happy to know that wasn't the case

Glad to hear that! :)

Thanks for the feedback! :) First time editing music in audacity, glad to hear you like it. Btw here is link for the soundtrack 

Thank you! :)

Pompous Trash 2 community · Created a new topic First topic

Just wanted to create this post so community tab wouldn't be empty. How is your day going? :)

rip trash cat :(

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! :)

Just wow, can't believe this was made in 1 week. Only game I rated 5/5 on every category, great work!!

Just wow, can't believe this was made in 1 week. Only game I rated 5/5 on every category, great work!!

That's world record, I think. Congratulations!!😎

Thank you for your kind words, almost made me tear up 

Cute art & interesting mechanics. I'm still not 100% sure what I'm supposed to, but still had fun time as smol dude running around with axe :D Easy-mode without timer could be nice add?

I had sound effects on my todo list, but you know how you run out of time during jams😅 I will probably add them after rating period is over

That's impressive score! I made some changes on scoring system and added global leaderboard, if you want to play again :)

Couple more p's



-Pina colada



sorry, that's probably a bug :/

Thanks for streaming and for your feedback! :D

Glad to hear you liked it! TxP was big inspiration for this game :D If I have the time and energy I would like to update this game with sounds and more enemies

Thank you for all the feedback! Enemies didn't shoot offscreen before I reworked how camera works and then forget to change enemy shooting logic. Also that idea with enemies requiring berserk mode to kill them sounds interesting, need to try how it feels

I had too little time to finish this game, had to choose between proper start screen or sound effects & music :P

I love this game, but damn is it difficult!

oh, i stopped at hole 8. Guess I need to play this again

That was fun and relaxing puzzle game

It was really fun to learn how different enemies behave. Well done!

Simple idea executed well, and cute pixel art! Also sound effects are nice

Is very much a game and has graphics. This is the first 1pixel game I have played

Simple idea executed well! How many levels there are in total?