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At the beginnig I didn't know what the arrows did. Maybe dashing also in the ground or a feedback knowing that this is not the correct way of doing it would be nice.

 However, I enjoyed dashing and killing it feels soooo good really nice visuals!! LOVE IT!

Haha thanks!

Cool concept! Couple of things: Some more details if feedback, such as a flash when they hit you, a neat explotion, etc.

I really like the rocket/platform mechanic. It fits pretty well with the theme! You could try to add some more FOV and the pause manu does not let you resume the game.

Thanks a lot!

Really nice feedback :D

Thanks! We're both gamedev students each on its field. ;)

Working with Unreal Engine made me thing a lot of in little details built-in and moving them to Unity wasn't that hard, so there it is! Also my mate (the artist) have worked a lot with 3D and I with 3D graphics.

Basically we weren't going from scratch. Hope it helps you somehow :D

Feature, you can also perform a wall jump