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Foi feito em que ?

i will try

It's a nice game, I think that you should give better feedback when the dinosaur does the kick, and if you keep pressing the to walk the buy became stuck in the wall to resolve that you could set a physics material 2d in the boy and set Friction to 0.

thanks for your comment, we didn't make the power-ups have more impact on the player because of the time that we have, and was the first time the artist doing pixel art. The left and right collectibles change the eyes of the skeleton, the jump collectible is the one that changes the fire color, we had the idea of making him legless when he couldn't walk and we are struggling to represent the jump ability, that is why we choose to change his fire color.

It's a nice game, but I think that u could make the weapon bullet going, to give us better feedback. If you could rate my game will be grateful.

I really like the dropping armor idea, I just miss music.

A fun game, you could do a skeleton that shoots bones in the player, to increase the difficulty.

It's a pretty nice game.

I really like the game concept, but I think they should have a speed bar to increase the game level, and W should make the character jump.

I really liked the fire mechanics and the levels, but I don't get how the game fits into the theme,.

I really liked the fire mechanics and the levels, but I don't get how the game fits into the theme,.

A pretty nice game it has a very nice mechanic.

If you had implemented the game audio the feeling of your game would be awesome, and I think that is easy to implement this in Godot.
And you could try to think in some other game mechanic, to bring something different/unique to your game.

Thanks for your review, I will put my focus to fix multiple wall jump bug. Do you know any videos or site that teaches the basics of pixel art?

You can press "Esc" and restart da level

You need to use spirit form to fly at the flying platform, use his power to drop a box that is there than put it above the button, and then use Yin(Black) power.