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Hi, I used GoodDog Plein and GoodDog Cool.

Lovely game! I really like the artstyle  and overall feel of the game. also the gameplay is simple yet lots of fun. the only con is that by the end my game ran a little slower because of too many leaves on the screen. but all in all a really cute game to play with a friend!

Whoa that's so cool that these guys played the game : D And yeah, they were pretty good at it, too. I suck at the game too haha 

By the way did you know that we also have the game on Steam? There is an updated version and it's free. Have a great day! :)

What is that if I may ask? : D

Thanks so much!! :)

The Esc function will be in the new version that comes to steam. Thanks for the feedback! It's always apprechiatet :)

Dash should work with 'j'. But you need to get to the point in the game where it's unlocked :) Until that point you need to get through without it. But it's possible ^^ Let me know, if it worked!

Thank you!! : D We are very excited :)

Good point! For now I justed to get it out there. However when the first part of the book is finished I'll definitelly consider to print and kickstart it! :)

working on it :) 

Thanks a lot for the feedback! :)

Awesome, you were pretty fast!! Oh, that sucks - usually the scene loads faster. 

Thanks for the nice words :) A menu is the very first thing on our list for an update. Sadly our programmer is very busy atm so it will probably take some time until that will be implemented.

Thanks so much! :)

Thanks a lot!! ;)

you just got a dash! when you're playing on a keyboard press j to dash. also you can use wasd to direct the dash. so in this case try to dash up :) good luck!

Well, there is no double jump ;) However you'll get a dash. k=jump, j=dash, use wasd to control the dash. you can also go vertically. hope that helps! : )

I hope so too ^^ 

Well, there is no double jump ;) However you'll get a dash. k=jump, j=dash, use wasd to control the dash. you can also go vertically. hope that helps! : 

Yup, it's gonna happen soon ;)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Ah I see. You need to set your game as not for free and then you can make sales. In this case it's a 100% sale. there's a setting where you can set goals as well. You'll see it once youre in the sales settings. :)

Hey, thanks so much for sharing!! :)

what do you mean by that ;)

I can tell

Yes, so far only for Windows. 

Thanks!! :  )

I wrote you a mail  :)

Thanks so much! :  ) yeah, it's hard as hell. not many people have made it to the end ;)

We're definitelly considering that! 

Awesome, dude!! Thanks for playing! : ) I'd be really interested to see a speedrun from you, too! And also, you have a really calm voice, I like that. Cheers and all the best, Sam

Hey man! Thanks a lot for the really awesome review!! We feel very humbled by that :) Cheers and all the Best, Sam

Thanks! :  ) Have fun with the game!!

We're definitelly concidering to make a Mac build as well! Until then you'll need to steel someone else's windows pc and play it there :)

Thanks so much!! : )

So far it's only on Windows :)