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oopsies! Click and drag to change view. Thanks for playing :)

Nice game! I especially liked the 3x3 puzzle. 

omg xD glad you liked it.

;-( turing test failed

That's ok, thanks for trying. I updated the description text a bit following your comment. Cheers!

Great job to everyone who worked on this. The game is  aesthetically very pleasant, and engaging too with its well thought-out progression. Clearly the result of some good teamwork. You situated humanity's breakdown much later than I did! Cheers!

Great idea! Nice choice of assets too. 

I liked playing around with the magical crops. I got a bit too excited trying to grab the boot on the roof at one point

pun game is strong. I like the exciting audio and work put into rigging! 

Interesting concept. I love how this responds to the theme! I find that having to hover objects precisely with my mouse is a bit tedious but still I'm having fun :)

Great stuff! Love the aesthetics and level design. 

I thought it would be nice if the boost direction followed the car's orientation, but come to think of it that would be an entirely different game. Good job. 

Very nice! I'm having fun playing with the different characters. The premise is hilarious. 

From my reading of the instructions I sort of assumed I could switch any point, and when that didn't work I got confused. Once I read the comments that part made more sense and I really enjoyed it. 

browser or standalone version?

Thanks for the feedback! I edited the instructions a bit with that in mind. Cheers

eh you're probably right! I might make a few tweaks before the end of submission time