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You can if you move the cam downwards

Really Fun to Play!

Dev Time went a lot over the limit which makes it ineligible but the game was made for the jam and i wanted to submit it just for fun

Great game but extremely hard

Thanks for playing. I made the game as sort of a template for future fighting games I make cause this was my first. I would definitely love to try making a rhythm-based fighting game down the road

Holy Shit, that's good. Are you sure this isn't a game already?

Do you remember?

The Secret at the end means the Zed_Technician Cinematic Universe is Confirmed

WASD to move, e to interact with buttons when lit up, Left Click to Shoot.

Thanks for the feedback, also the first upgrade levels up the cookies per click by a factor of 1.4, so you'd have to upgrade it 3 times to have 2 cookies per click.


Really creative concept and a very nice game. Would love to see maybe a bishop rush or a rook rush later on.

Nice, got 500 on my first try

Im convinced this game is actually impossible

Very Simple but tasking game. Amazing

I was on a 5 word streak and suddenly i got Rambunctious as my word

To play the game, click on the box below the play button with the cursor.

Use the mouse to click on the box below play

Click on the Boxes below play

I love the game but I reckon there might be a secret ending, as I could see some object in the distance when standing at the place where the sus juice is.

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When I eventually put ads in the game, I'll post it on play store

Best Graphics definitely, but the gameplay was not nice. The player movement was weird too. But with more work it could easily be an amazing Game

Nice Game, Screw you for the Rickroll

Time to rate the Games

What if when the voting period starts, the creator of the Jam says the whole Jam was a Troll and there are no winners.