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Hey, thanks for the feedback.

In the main menu (before you select a kitchen and recipee) if you go to the options, then to the gameplay options, you can enable/disable the tutorial.

In the same gameplay options menu, you can also set a time scale, which allows you to change the timer by a factor (e.g. 4x will mean a 20 minute timer will be 5 minutes).

Currently, the instructions on the whiteboard will still say 20 minutes and not the scaled time, this will be fixed in a future release. I'm also going to be adding a 'progress time' mechnic which allows you to speed up time whilst waiting.

Hope that helps,


Hey, sorry for the realllly delayed response. Turns out I havn't been getting emails from itch.

There isn't really a minimum spec yet and the pouring of sugar is currently really unoptimized as the game is still in development.

Hey, you should be able to just click the download button on the itch webpage:

If that isn't working for you, you could try using the itch client:

100% this is the best game of the Jam. It was amazing, awesome work.

Omg I can't believe I got Lewis's name wrong :D I have a friend I was talking to in Discord whilst making it called Louis :( Stupid brain. 

Sorry if that came across negative! it was litrually the only thing which wasn't perfect. the rest of the game is great and visually stunning!

Cool game and great implementation, though it doesn't really fit the theme of the Jam :(


A new update ( has been released which should hopefully mean any future crashes are reported to us for diagnostics.

The good news is @campfire I've managed to recreate your crash, so will hopefully get a fix out soon. The actual crash is in within the physics library we are using which is actually a Unity issue, however i'm hopeful we can put some protection into our code to massively reduces (if not eradicate) this crash in-particular.


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Oh dear, that's no good :(

We do have crash reporting turned on which is meant to tell us when people get crashes, but it isn't reporting anything. I'll try my best to reproduce the issue and get it fixed ASAP.

As soon as I have some more information I'll let you know!


An update has been release which should make cutting the butter to the correct quantity much easier! Let me know what you think :)

Hey @WilliamV1!

Firstly, thanks for the feedback (I've been waiting for this day for nearly a year!).

Secondly, I was talking to a friend about this just last week and plan on making it so the butter will always cut into a multiple of 25 grams, so getting the correct quantity should be much easier!

Keep an eye on the dev blogs to see when that update goes live.

Thanks again,


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Hey everyone,

I've started live streaming the development of Baking Simulator, three times a week.
You can watch live at the following times:

  • Monday - 4PM - 6PM (GMT)
  • Wednesday - 4PM - 6PM (GMT)
  • Friday - 4PM - 6PM (GMT)

If you want to watch back the old streams, they get uploaded to YouTube 24-48 hours after the stream.


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This post aims to list the current recipes and future recipes, as well as getting some suggestions from what you guys would like to see. Baking simulator, although a silly physics game is also meant to be slightly educational. So the recipes should all be accurate and achievable in real life! Gaming whilst gaining life skills, crazy talk.

Current Recipes

  • Plain Sponge Cake
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Scones

Planned Recipes

  • Apple Pie
  • Brownies
  • Mince Pies