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when i told people at work about it, it had all happened to them too. i think it happens to all of us :(

Thank you! I was originally gonna make the game go for two weeks but then realized that I already felt hopelessly lost at 4 or 5 days in. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Luckily I've moved on from that situation but hopefully someone else who is stuck like that might see it and know they aren't alone.

Thank you so much for the video and the playthrough. I loved the voices you put on! I'm sorry if it made you uncomfortable. I think I've found ways to navigate the world since then though it's always a little weird out there alone at night.

hiya thank you!!! :)


Thank you 😊

thank u that was a humerus little treat

this was really fun, thanks for makin it! <3

Thanks! I'd like that. I'm all about moods :D

This was really fun :3 thank you for making it!

Hey! The music is by Profound Still! Here's their soundcloud and their twitter


so cute :D

Thanks for the playthrough!

Thank you so much 💕

Hi, just wanted to let you know my latest mini visual novel, Charm, is out.

It's an extremely short and linear trans slice-of-life tale made in Ren'Py with a pared-back interface, hand drawn art and some great music from a really good artist.

It's free but if you pay &3 or more I made a little art book which comes with it.

Anyway I hope you like it! 

i loved this so much. like everything you do it's erotic and still very sweet. the characters are so real. and I feel like we've all lived through this (the end of the world part at least). sloppy is a great artist as well <3

this is an extremely taut, claustrophobic and frequently terrifying read. The characters are really believable and tragic. Basically I loved it and I want to see more.

i tried giving the cat all the fish, and then i tried giving him no fish. finally i tried giving him one fish. i think i learned something about cats.

it wasn't a garbage i really enjoyed reading it and is sounds like coagulum is gonna be OK :)

aaaah this is so cute and like everything you make it's so pretty. I love the way you write your characters too, they seem like real people :)

i love them alllll

he had it coming. maybe he'll get it one day!

it sucks that we have to live like this! but thank you for playing it and saying that nice stuff :)

thank you for the playthrough! 💕💕

<3 It's moved forward in a lot of ways. I'm still in the same house for now but my mental state is a lot better and I've got a lot more going on outside the home too.

Yay! And thank you ☺️

omg thanks for your playthrough! I'm still figuring out how to get home safely, probably going to have to buy a moped or something agh

it's scary as hell. I always thought passing/not passing was the main issue. Not just everyday threat.

i think we all have :( none of us are alone, at least.

I loved this. We played it in our visual novel group! Taylor is really my type too haha