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“He gayed transgenderly down the stairs” just like me fr

The music is such a banger, I love the twist on that one franchise. Though it may be a tad difficult to control your flight but I guess that’s expected.

Currently, it doesn’t go back up, so you can only miss 3 times before the game ends.


The game is really nice and I’m impressed with how you came up with the AI navigation and several levels in such a short amount of time. I ended up 3rd on the first race because I didn’t understand I could click anywhere on the map to throw items rather than clicking on the bottom-right corner, then when I got it, ended up 1st every time. Overall it’s really awesome.

Cool ideas in there that I’ll def try to look into for future project. The zine format is really fine for that kind of content and I’d love to see more of these!

This made me cry when I played it, the writing and the theme are top notch

Un banger qui mériterait d’être plus long encore, c’est le premier jeu VR depuis Half-Life: Alyx qui me donne envie de remettre mon casque VR sur la tête

I may be biased but this is a banger

My brain is melting after not doing maths for so long, especially when the enemy keeps making you go back, but it's a nice game.

Absolutely stunned by the artstyle and the concept overall, magnificent!

The kind of game you would have found in the 80's magazines, really neat! Although all the previous battles were easily won, the final battle is really hard to win and while I gave up after a dozen tries, it's still a fun game.

Can't play the game as the camera is stuck on the ground

Hi, the UE5 version asks to be recompiled on UE 5.0.1 when I enable the plugin in my project, and trying to recompile it with UnrealBuildTool leads to errors during the process (whether with VS2019 or 2022 installed, it outputs errors like C2664 or C2678 in several files).