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I think the speed was the main problem yeah.

Good start! My two main criticisms right now are the blocky resolution and the handling. Oh, and it could do with preloading the assets better (it kind of just freezes while loading things, and then is stuttery for the first explosion I presume because it has to do a fetch.

The resolution is just too blocky to see the ships coming at you before they are right in your face, so you can't hope to try and judge their velocities to try and lead shots etc.

The handling is OK, but I think I'd prefer it if the top speed were a little faster, at least in this arena.

The shooting and explosions are pretty good.

The .AppImage download on itch only installs an empty folder and doesn't download the game. I tried the windows version but it doesn't work well.

Great pixel art - the gameplay wasn't really understandable even after the tutorial. I was never successful in making a golem.

this game has no personality and also contains a protagonist

Thanks for taking a look! I tend to bite off more than I can chew on these things and rune hunter is no exception. I love your videos!

I know! I ran out of time to add any help for players. I guess you could say it heightens the thematic confusion of the player character. Sacrifices fun though :P

The house always wins...

Thanks for playing! I think I was a little ambitious for my first jam in many years. I sadly had to cut the tutorials from the todo list in the last day because of time, but its clear the game needs more guidance. That will be one of the top things if I do any post jam work.

Thanks for putting so much time in! You may have gotten as far as is currently possible, although I think one of the enemy types does drop gold, and you can actually buy multiple copies of equipment to keep bumping up speed.

It needs a lot of work still, but thanks for the helpful feedback!

Maybe - though at this resolution shorter is better. It also in skill tests is used for other things. I need to think about tutorializing too.
Oh, maybe there could be a circle showing your range?

Yes, I realized what was confusing you! You are limited by your speed stat how far away to go, and it's not showing the button because it's too far away.

I'll change it to show the button but deactivated, and tell you when you highlight it why you can't click on it. There will be a new demo tomorrow if you want to check it out again.

There's a button that pops up next to the destination to go there - looks like I need to make it more clear. Thanks for checking it out!

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Not finished yet! Still implementing basic systems, should have a more functional demo by monday night.

It works fairly well in fact. I have to remember to save, and then export, in case I want to modify the pieces again. And I haven't seen what happens if I do later need to modify one of the pieces...

The drop-down for collections will be really useful. I've been using obj export to build "groups" of blocks that I then assemble into a larger model. I'm working on a mech game, so I'll for example make a single leg and then export it as a block. Sp improved switching between block sets will be very useful.

Being able to group and copy/past blocks would be even better...

Yeah I played with it for 5 minutes. Everything is great. But I'm not going to use it for real without copypasta.