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The limited move action tied to the text is really clever. Beside that, using a cat gives you extra point, of course! Good job :)

Simple yet interesting concept! I found it a bit hard, but I think it's totally relevant with the theme. Well done!

Thanks! We were a bit short on time for difficulty tweaking, unfortunately, but thanks for this feedback!


Thanks! I agree on the music being repetitive, the arrangement also adds some confusion on the progression (the song was composed with accordion and violin at first). I might do a new extended version that is more a song and not a loop :)

Thank you very much! We were probably too ambitious at the beginning, so the story here is a really crunched version of what we had in mind, but we are quite happy with the results. For the Text to speech, we wanted to give options so visual impaired people could play the game, but we couldn't make it before the game jam ends. Future patch should allow to choose the "amount" of tts you want to use :)

Wife and kids left, but I finished place 7, thanks to the power of the credit card! And my house and myslef were clean, so it's something :p

Hey thanks for your kind words! We choose the "tank" movement to make a reference to Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil games :) But maybe we could have tweak it a little bit so it's easier to move!

Hey thanks for the comment. Where exactly did you get stuck?

Smart things, was really cool to play till the end. Really like the use of parodied game aesthetics!