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Hi Marzena!! I've reached out to our programmer but with no response yet, so unfortunately I won't be able to get a build for you and the team to play. Thank you for working with me to see if we could get it to run!

Oh no!! I unfortunately was not the programmer so I don't know the details of how to get it open on your end. We had some problems opening it ourselves during the jam. I'll drop our programmer a message to see if they can offer some advice <3

Hi Marzena!! So sorry for the trouble. Please try this new link and see if the download works <3 

It's currently being reviewed for a game jam! Please check back later and it should be up :)

Loved this!! This was really satisfying and addictive to play. Super satisfying to be able to get the pumpkin to the checkpoint in one shot. Great job team :D 

I had a bit of a tough time playing this one. The controls felt a little too sensitive and I could not adjust my positioning in small amounts so it was hard to get through. Super simple and enjoyable game though, quite addictive!

Loved this! Got chills with the ending. I got a little confused in the book shelf area and didn't realise each book was clickable so it took a moment for me to progress. I really enjoyed the mystery and loved the dialogue. The music was fab but could loop a little smoother. Great job team! <3

Yooo! Unreal Engine is incredible! Great job on this game the effects for the elementals are fantastic and it looks stunning. I wasn't so good with the bouncing on the elementals so I got stuck and couldn't get up to the higher levels but a great job regardless! Really enjoyed using all the different elements and also getting a slice of the story at the beginning :D

Damn this game is quite tough to beat! I struggled to get to the end with the 1 minute timer but I really enjoyed the platforming. I like the flying/floating mechanic and it definitely helped me get through quicker. I was very intrigued by the main character and their design. The backgrounds, art and music were all very beautiful! I hope we get to find out more about the story :D

Loved the visuals and the music! The music was a little too loud for me so I had to mute it while playing. The concept of this is very sweet and I love the split screen gameplay! I can imagine this being a co-op game in the future :D I hope you keep developing this! I had a tough time with the platforming controls though and I felt the left and right movement was a little floaty so it was hard to stay on the platforms. Great job regardless for the jam!! <3 

Loving the pixel art for this game! I hope you will continue developing this because I definitely see a lot of potential. I can see how you want to implement the real world objects into the dream world and I can't wait to see more from this game. I got stuck in front of the fridge and couldn't get unstuck from there unfortunately. Would love to see more! Great job team! <3

This was a very smart puzzle game! A little tough to avoid the purple walls sometimes because of the camera but otherwise, it was a super fun and interesting game. I got trapped after I did not get the torso through the gate, would be great to implement a checkpoint system so the player does not have to go all the way back to the beginning. I love the ghost design and the bopping soundtrack! Great job <3

What a great game for Halloween! Really enjoyed playing this :D LOVED THE ART AND THE MUSIC! I was really impressed with the minigames and all of the different mechanics incorporated. I had a small problem with the ego minigame and was not able to read all the instructions in time but I got it the next time. Great job <3

This is such a cool game! I really enjoyed the art and the music. I was a huge fan of all the lines and roughness of the background of the park (I know it was probably not intentional!) I thought it contrasted really well with the characters and really matched the style. The clean backgrounds are beautiful as well though :) I had some trouble leaving the park area though because I could never find the right place to click for the exit but otherwise this was a very lovely game with some fab writing and characters! I love a good point and click.

Really enjoyed the overarching story for your game :D I liked collecting the flowers around the map and then reading about them in the journal. I thought it was definitely a great way to learn more about them! I had a lot of trouble with the platforming controls though and struggled to collect all the flowers. I think the jump button was having a lot of trouble and I often couldn't jump when I wanted to. The left and right movement feels a little floaty but if that's intentional totally okay. It was difficult to get to the places I wanted to go though mostly because of the jumping. Lovely visuals and music, I need to see some of those backgrounds in high res!! Wonderful game with a heartfelt story <3

This is so cute and fun to play! I really enjoyed the dam building and meeting new characters along the way. I got stuck on some dialogue right at the beginning but I got out of it somehow. There are a lot of mechanics in this game and I am so impressed that you got so many into the game. I love the incorporation of 3D and 2D, stylistically so COOL. Massive congrats to you guys for making such a funky game! Had a blast playing it :)

Absolutely loved this! Super cute visuals and I loved the cleaning lady's design. Those doors just would not stay closed in the nightmare mode ;_; What a nightmare!

Hey Arius! Thank you so much for playing our game. Really appreciate all your lovely comments :D The Ziggi teleportation is noted, thank you for letting us know. Best of luck to you and your game too!

Hey Dewalt! Thank you for playing our game, glad you enjoyed it :D

Your criticism isn't harsh at all! Your comments are totally fair and we'll work more into the gameplay after we've rested up from the Jam. Thank you for commenting and giving our game some of your time.

Love the concept of this game, super well polished and great gameplay! Great job :D

Thank you for playing our game Filtrax! Glad that you enjoyed :)

Totally with you on the gameplay, we'll definitely work more on developing the difficulty and finessing the obstacle collision some more. 

Thanks for dropping a comment! Will drop a comment on your submission too. 

Massive thanks for checking out our game, Dino! Totally agree with you on the mechanics, we'll definitely work more to finesse the obstacle randomness and collisions. Great suggestion with the combo meter, we had that in mind while making the game during the 48 hours but did not get a chance to make it in the end. 

Glad that you still enjoyed our game! Thank you for playing :D