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the setup of wondering around dark apartment is neat, I wish the game stayed grounded in reality longer


Can't find a way to shoot off its bodily parts! But love it.

I love this sharp, synth sound of new plants appearing

Thanks for the feedback! The prototype would definitely benefit immensely from a couple hours of polish, but I didn't have the luxury. 

P.S. Just wrote a postmortem for the game, take a look if interested

Really, really neat! And I love the ending, wraps everything nicely

It was a helicopter sound indeed! Created from scratch with a synth

Thanks! It doesn't have one  specific point, but it's trying to point to a direction, that I find interesting and true.

Don't worry, it turned out very well! I teamed up with SFX guy @headaudiodesign and pixel-art gal @mifmorerak and we've made -

Hey wanna join designer/coder me(@bastionride) and six/music guy @headaudiodesign for the upcoming LD? We both wrote some posts on itch

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Hey fellow game developers!
  • I've been a game designer for a couple of years and a programmer for 4 yrs. I'm going to use Unity engine because it's the fastest way of developing games for me. You can take a look at couple of my finished Unity games here Also, I draw a little, digitally and more or less traditionally(
  • I've participated in 4 jams so far and this is my second LD.
  • I'd like to do something small and experimental, with interesting idea and mechanic behind it. And with some help, I hope to make it much better.
  • I think that I can put about 3,5 days into this LD.
  • If you are interested, get in touch - mikeprokofyev at gmail dot com