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No worries, but don't forget to upload a working version of the game soon, believe me, it's alway better to have the last version available as a working one if you don't want to loose potential players. It's a lesson I learned the hard way :P

Really? That make a ton of sense! Thank you so much, is followed by She looks at me strangely and then it fails! Hope you'll manage to solve it easily :)

Hi! Don't worry about it, I'm always happy to help :D I hope I didn't came out too harsh in my previous comment :)

Just another thing, in the new version of the game, after answering "Inversion" the game continues but then after a couple of lines it fails automatically and returns to the title screen, I'm on Mac in case is a problem with that version of the game ;)

A comment about the game:
I cannot say if I like it or not because it's very hard to progress! 

- The first song come very abruptly and don't suit the slow tone of the beginning, something more calm and maybe with a fadeIn effect would work better.
 - Maybe a bit of a longer presentation of the main character before the appearance of the girl would help enter into character ;)
- It would be less annoying to have at least two or three possibilities per answer, instead of failing immediately  :)
-It is very difficult to answer some questions, for example about the pencil, I would immediately think "Yes, I have" or "For sure" or "Here it is" but a 7 letter word? I've no idea. If you play some old text adventures for linux or dos you'll notice that for every question there are a couple of different solutions, so the player don't remain stuck :) I get that you wanted to make it as kind of a guessing game like crosswords, but it's a bit to unforgiving xD

That said, don't get discouraged! Game developing and designing it's much harder than it looks, you are up to a good start with a nice idea, go on and continue to work on it ^^

I have to admit, I didn't manage to finish it with all the flowers at any level, because sometimes when near an object it doesn't pick it up unless you walk around it and press the key multiple times, and the enemies are a bit too aggressive when you approach the end. Anyway I liked it, the idea is neat and the graphic is cute! :)

I like the idea, just one question, there are multiple endings depending on your answers or the concept is that it's not important what you answer, it's the end? :)

A simple but well realized idea, good aesthetic, convincing music and sounds, I pretty much liked it, good job! ^^

Very cute plaftormer, I liked the simple graphic and the pace,  the only thing I have a complain is the hitbox of the "jump halos" sometimes it feels like the game it' slow  reacting  at the input of the z button while colliding with them :)

Anyway good job :D

I'll be honest, the aesthetic of the game is amazing for such a short time to produce, the music is spot on, and the idea is fascinating and original! I love it,  but I've to admit the controls feels like you are fishing the  koi more then playing as him and I thought that the point was to maintain balance and eat white and black dots accordingly to the symbol on the left, avoiding to get it too dark or too bright, but I often die without knowing why, were the symbol is still "not too dark" or "not too white"

Hey, the idea can be cute, especially for a phone game, but you should put some restriction around the window where you play, otherwise it's easy to make santa fly over the screen and spam the right mouse button ;)

Very cool idea, one of my favorite from the one I played till now :D 

It could use some variety and sometimes randomly there's no enemy in the "room", but it was fun to play! I found the surprise too, I like the idea of adding features if the player play well  :)

I finally finish it! I have to admit it was hard! The idea is cute even if a little bit stretched (pun intended), just a thought, but I think the game would be more engaging if you could jump by shooting or just jumping, both felt kinda confusing! Also since the collisions with the objects are on every side, it's easy to cheat, collide with the bottom of platforms and use it to propel yourself to the next platform completely avoiding the enemies! 
That's said, it was fun :)

Hey! I love the idea of the narrative being part of the platforms :D 

My suggestion in case you want to continue it is to avoid the grass/rock more fantasy type of tiles and concentrate on the time/story graphics :) 

If I may suggest you something else, try to read Scott McCloud's books about comics and reinventing the media, it's a fun and interesting read that can help a lot ideas like this one ;)

I love the concept behind it, and the puzzle that you managed to pull out of it! The only minor complain that I have is that he physics can either break or make impossible some puzzle at times and I think it could work better with a simpler more "gamy" physics. Anyway, good job! :)

In theme, cute, missing just a little polishing, but I came in with low expectations and found myself having fun, also the trains were very cute :) 

The idea is cute and it could work well with a little bit of polish and variety :) 

The atmosphere was spot on, and the game is cute and intuitive. I only didn't get why in the end you collect 140 coins if you don't really need the 100 to enter your house, but maybe I should play it again and find out ;) 

Also, how it was to work with pico-8? I usually don't like game engines, but this one looks like fun, especially for a challenge!

I'm an Italian programmer, usualy i use c++ and sfml, but we can use a game engine if you prefer. I'm searching for a musician and an artist for think and develop together a game for this contest :)
I'm a huge fan of the horror genre, in games, movies, manga, comics and books. I do not like games where you cannot defend yourself (Slender, Outlast, etc.) and also the games where the action prevails over the horror experience (Dead space, RE6, etc.). In my opinion, the best horror comes from games like Silent hill 1, Alone in the dark the new nightmare, Call of chtulhu corners of the earth, etc. where you can defend yourself, but you often are overcomed by the fear of encountering another enemy.