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Hi! Don't worry about it, I'm always happy to help :D I hope I didn't came out too harsh in my previous comment :)

Just another thing, in the new version of the game, after answering "Inversion" the game continues but then after a couple of lines it fails automatically and returns to the title screen, I'm on Mac in case is a problem with that version of the game ;)

Ah... That's probably a general issue. What's the last line before it fails?

Really? That make a ton of sense! Thank you so much, is followed by She looks at me strangely and then it fails! Hope you'll manage to solve it easily :)

I had two if statements instead of an if and an elif statement. Sorry for the trouble.

No worries, but don't forget to upload a working version of the game soon, believe me, it's alway better to have the last version available as a working one if you don't want to loose potential players. It's a lesson I learned the hard way :P