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Saeed Gatson

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Thank you! I'm really happy that you had fun playing!

That means a lot to me, thank you!

I'll definitely try to get more levels in soon. Happy you enjoyed playing.

Wow that's so cool! I'm glad you both liked it. Don't know why I didn't think of just adding it to the page description. I'll go away and do that now. Thanks.

That means a lot to me, thank you!

Thanks for the support.

Thanks for playing! I really liked your game too!!

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I'm really happy you took time to play the game. thank you!

You rock! Thanks!

Yea I'll have to try to find a good balance in future updates. Thanks for playing!

Haha, yes! I still struggle with Level 6. Thought about cutting it but happy that it's stayed, in the end.

Thank you! I'm on the fence about moving away from my current project to work on these concepts. Because I agree with you, there's a lot here that could be expanded on. I'll be making a decision here soon. Anyways, I'm grateful for the kind words.

Thanks a bunch!

Yea I've been learning a ton from the course. Still haven't checked out the audio section but I appreciate the heads up.
The original goal was to add my own music, and sounds effects. Just wasn't able to complete it in time.
But I agree with you. When I'm able to update the game again, I'll add my own sounds or give an attribution at the least.

Thanks! That's super helpful feedback. I'll try to get that change in after the all voting is done.

I really appreciate that. I'm really considering spending some more time on this game.

Thanks! Yea I had more levels sketched out on paper.  Happy you enjoyed it.

Just walking into zombies and having them explode was oddly satisfying. The music in the test room was also really good.

Really well done! Great work here!!

The voice overs, and art work where two things I really liked about this game. Great job!!

I liked the laser gun with it's recharge mechanic. Did run into a few bugs, but overall I was still able to understand the spirit of the game. Congrats on a successful Game Jam!

Amazing progress for just 48 hours. Really liked how things slowly started to ramp up! Could see this building into something pretty diffi-cult to put down.

I had fun just throwing grenades and watching them bounce around before exploding. Congrats on having something to submit in 48 hours!

Solid mechanic that matched the theme of this game jam. Thought the music was a great touch, and the title of the game made my chuckle. Overall well done.