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for most of my first run i was unable to tell the differences between emotions añlskfjañsldkfj i had to read the thing and then i just Couldn’t

very good!!!

Difficulty curve a bit wrinkly but very good anyways

a good followup to anyrad

you do not recognize the bodies in the water

Very interesting concept!

I don't know how I din't think about the tag thing. Thanks.

Also, I'm pretty sure you're familiar with Na'vi, Klingon , Dothraki or Esperanto, which are popular conlangs and have speakers around the world.

It's not that unlikely, comunities based around conlangs would do that a lot, just to find media related to their community. One of the reasons I have the option to put my game in toki pona is to bring a bit more content to the community, but then the question is about how would they find it, which is why I made this thread in the first place

I'm currently working on a game which has an option to play it in Spanish, English and toki pona. Since the last one is a constructed language, it's normal that it didn't appear on the list when setting up the page for the project (in the metadata section), so I'd like to have an option to do custom languages instead of only the ones on the list.

I did read the docs and didn't find anything about this.