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It won't  download, simple as  THAT!

any word on an update?

can't wait, so excited! 

any word on an update?

ok, thanks

but how do you get fucked by the guy? it not very clear how 

Can you be fucked by the male up the butt? figure how to get him to lay down, how do you mount him?


any word on an update?

Thank you so much! :]

Fixed now thank you so much! :]

It ok, take your time, Hope things get better and you are well

shut all virus and fire wall have enough data no idea what wrong?

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it be over 2 months where the update?

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it won't install says party hosted incampatable  by third party 

need english version, please. I know there one?

Any word on an  update, please?

(unable to find  VL Gothic font issue) help please

When will the chapters  19 and 20 be released out of curiosity, roughly?

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Is the next chapter going to be released with this update? chapter after Hermes leaves?

I  can't be a bad guy in any game unless involves dark magic. I was once a bad guy in fable 2 it made  me very uncomfortable.

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Is it weird I got them all achievements but the cruel master endings,

 I just can't  hurt Asterion. I would feel horrible if I did. So I don't have the 2 done.

Finally, I can't wait for the next piece of this masterpiece.

I get the feeling the game update won't be release by the end of July, for some reason?

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It been 37 days, any update on a release date  and or content ?

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Very well, I  will wait and stop asking , but the only reason I'm asking is cause this game just that good, I love this game!

It been almost 3 months any idea when the next update is?

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Any word on a release date for  next  few chapters?

thank you

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Any news?

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I can wait, and be patient,I can understand if it delay cause you need more time . I just want to know when it we be released, like  a schedule .  Great work by the way, you do amazing work. 

any new?

 what do you mean by that?

let hope it don't take 5 months!