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Hi! lately i'm struggling with sounds effects and music, what would be a good program to make that?

Thank you in advance

Thank you!

I couldnt make it actually.

I like the originality!

The sounds and the visuals reminds me of something old, i like it.

Good job!

I liked it! 

I guess the sounds is maybe too high and sometimes annoying...

Fun Game tho!

Thank you <3

Thank you!! I will definitely add the sounds in the future, great advice <3 

Thank you!!

I will may add a level system in the Future :D

There are no sounds actually :((

Thank you for the advice tho!! <3

Thank You!

Well the point at the end is to Switch camera to the Personality at the top and find his girlfriend too :D!

You are right!!! let me fix it

I really appreciate it. Thank you

Thank you :D

I just released my first game, it is about a chicken trying to protect his land from enemies, its a topdown shooter, i'm still learning so feel free to give me some advice and feedback.