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Have fun creating your city! :)

I changed the settings and there is no more extra to get the Godot version, and now everyone can choose to download the version of his choice. Try to download it again ! :)

Thank you ! The Godot DLC must be added as an extra when purchasing.  Did you buy this pack in the summer sale bundle?

Thank you. :) I'm pretty happy with it. I'm thinking about adding other elements including interfaces.

Thanks! I'm curious to be able to test it. :)

Hi everyone !

I just uploaded an asset pack for a minimalist City Builder.
114 buildings, 66 vehicules, 10 tilesets and 5 colors themes

I also  included as a option a Godot project, and the auto-tile is really fun to use. :)

Hope you like it :)

Thank you. :) Hope you have fun doing it. Tell me when it's over, I'm already curious to test it!

Fantastic! :)

A bit hard but fun to play! :)

I was happy to see you playing at my demo, it was a little deserved gift for you. ;)

I finished my demo and it is much more complete, if you want to test it again. ;)

The graphics really come from the future!

Really fun to play! :)

Thank you for this video! I love your reactions! :)

This game is just the beginning of a prototype, there will be a lot of improvements and additions.