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Hello, I have the same issue! I'm playing on arch linux with the linux binary of the game. Unfortunately I've encountered a graphical issue. Although the UI works well, no backgrounds are visible (city, castle, king, coins, people, etc...). This is true for both the main menu and the actual game view.

Awesome, as always! The graphics and animations never cease to amaze me. The inspiration from Beat Saber (and similar games) is clear but don't decrease the quality of the game, all in pygame once again!

I did give the source, all I'm asking for ;)

Thanks! I'm a little dumb it would seem.

Well yes the JAM makes it difficult to write nice code. I'd prefer not to share my e-mail here but I don't know how to send private messages on itch...

Sorry. I meant to say the source code of the game. So that we can (maybe) build it ourselves if you can't package it for something we can play. Hopefully that's clearer.

Not a game but a simulation. It remains quite interesting to watch. I really liked how you can set the number of different classes of people. You really code fast! Would it be possible to get the source code?

I like how the difficulty scales with the type of illness. Good job!

This is a really cool little game. The graphics are nice, I've experienced no bug whatsoever. The game even seems pretty balanced. Good job!

In the same style that Viral Suppression.

Do you think you could provide the game for something a desktop computer can play? A web version would do fine.

Too bad there's no Linux build or web, or source...

Super nice game! Took me a while to figure out how to use doctors ^^

Nicely done in three two hours!

The graphics I cute and the idea seems nice although the game just ends after the first virus for me. I also have no idea of the folder's purpose. What did you make this with?

This was our first game jam and we ought to say we were quite surprised of how this went down. We realize we're really bad at choosing where to invest our time. All in one we had a lot of fun but didn't succeed to make something I dare call a "game". Still you can launch the "thing" and we gained a lot of experience making this. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully we'll think to implement gameplay first!

Nice little game that implements interesting gameplay. Good job!

Really good work on this!

The graphics are really nice and I like the game play idea !

Thanks for the update ! The new world looks nice ;)

A very good game and available for Linux!