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This game has the potential to be much better, but this is something that's still really good!

I think that the title screen was a bit bland, and I think  you should've added more to it. The gameplay can be unique and interesting at times (like where you have to correctly jump onto orbs to activate certain platforms), but can sometimes get repetitive.

I think you could've maybe made the game shorter, and maybe added a goal. Because all I was doing was running around a course, with no endpoint or goal.

However, the game looks great, it creative, and fits the theme quite well.

Great job!

Your game is great, but there are a few issues I have with it. The player's movement speed is too slow, and there is wayyyy too much bloom. However, it looks very good!

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This game has tones of potential, but is somewhat squandered by its difficulty. I think that you probably need to make the player automatically look at /aim towards the enemy closest to it. That way, the player can focus more of their energy on dodging bullets.

I also think that you could've waited a bit more, before spawning the first enemy. However, I think that this would make an absolutely fantastic mobile game!

Great game!

However, I did think that there were some points that were a bit boring. I think that by making the game much faster, you could've made it much more interesting.

The graphics were quite unique, and the gameplay was too. However, the sound design and basic usage of the theme kind of dragged you down. I think if you used switches in the game itself (that might've moved obstacles), it could've been quite interesting.

Ratings for transparency:

Gameplay: 3/5

Graphics: 4/5

Creativity: 5/5

Music: 2/5

Theme: 2/5

Geometries: 5/5

Average rating: 3.5/5

The effects on this one are great.

However, the controls seem to be a bit janky (maybe it's just my computer), and the spawn patterns seem to be repeating.

Great game, though!

This game is quite interesting. The concept and level design is great, but there are others that lack this one's charm. The fireworks are great, but don't really fit the game. The controls are also a bit jittery. I would recommend making them smoother. Maybe just adding a velocity or something, or just implementing some simple controls.  Also, the music kind of sucks (sorry)

However, the camera movement, and transitions are fantastic. Great work!

This is hilarious! I'm going to lie, I was initially turned away by the art style, but the humor and polish of this game is fantastic for a game made in such a short time frame. Best game I've played from the jam, so far! :)

Great game! Though, I would've preferred the use of more colour, and smoother and slower camera movement. Nice :)

nice gameplay. Though, I would've preferred if the Game Over message came from the game itself, and not just the browser. Still though, nice gameplay!

This game is awesome!

Great Work!

I would maybe try and make the opening menu a bit more appealing...otherwise, look's great!

This is the most "chad" I've ever felt

Seems like a great concept!

The only thing I'd change would be the restarting (maybe try restarting each level, instead of the whole game, because it gets very irritating very fast).

This is the Greatest Jeff Bezos simulator of All Time

good start to a platformer. the only thing I'd change would be the floatiness of the jump


Would recommend having the camera follow the player a bit more quickly, and have the camera show more of the world. Great premise and idea, though!

This game makes me mad. This is amazing. Would suggest having the egg start chasing the sperm after a few seconds, so that way the player doesn't feel irritated (any more) than they have to. That's the thing with rage games: don't make the player angry at the systems or UI, make them angry at the game! great concept and execution though! :)

Great game!




*Chef's Kiss*

Couple of things: 

That title screen is the best title screen I have seen so far.

Would also suggest just adding a play follow camera (3rd/1st person) rather than the camera system you have. But otherwise, EPIC GAME!

Great Game!

My only suggestion would be to make the game's movement smoother. I understand that the movement was part of the code, but I would suggest either that, or making the game a bit easier by removing the black circle. But other than that, great game!

2 suggestions: make the movement a bit smoother (less physics, a lot faster), and make the transitions a LOT faster. However, this is an interesting and cool puzzle game and I like the premise! :)

This game is very interesting and fun. My only gripe is the controls. I would suggest making the controls with w/a/s/d or up/down/left/right instead of left/right or a/d and space. It's just a bit more intuitive. However, this game rocks!

hauntingly beautiful and hell are the strangest oxymoron's I've heard in awhile

This game is awesome!