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Yeah, last day was horrific as always, made every 3d model in last day, and with shaking hands did screenshots and game page, submitted in last minutes!

Thank you so much for playing and making a video

Thanks for playing and making a video!

Thank you for playing the game! Awesome video, really loved message in the end, made me so happy!

Thank you so much for playing the game! Great video!

Thank you so much for playing the game and making a video!

Thanks a lot for playing the game and making a video!

Thank you sooo much for playing and making a video! It was so entertaining to watch, loved it!

Thank you for playing and making a video!

Thank you so much for playing the game and making a video! It was great to watch!

Thank you a lot for playing and making a video!

Thank you so much for playing and making a video!

there is source code for previous verison of game!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thank you for playing and making a video! Happy that you had no problems running the game, it's great to know!

Thank you so much for playing and making a video!

Thank you for playing the game and making a video! Appreciate it!

Thank you for playing and making a video soo much!!

I'm impressed how you figured everything out so fast, was very happy to see this!

Thanks for playing and making a video! about how he can walk like that, it's question for your imagination :)

Pretty funny game, concept is great!

But was waiting for bus for 2 minutes, i guess i really just speedrunned my way through :)

Also moving with mouse in this game done pretty comfortable loved how you implemented that! 

Music reminded me of old Minecraft Machinimas, it was adorable!

Overall, loved idea of digital influencers and style is awesome!

Great game!

Really loved the art, character model is AMAZING, really beautiful and easy to remember!

Interesting mechanic with making trampoline from that cute thingy that i was forced to slap to tears (feel really bad about it), and it creates a lot of possibilities for secrets, really felt sense of wonder while playing, and that's awesome feeling!

Clipped through ground on first level, places trampoline under myself and that's clipped me right into wall, also on my first walkthrough i completed first level without that mechanic, just jumped on that cute thingy and that's how i made it, and when i got on second level was stuck for a looong time because i didn't know that i could make them as trampolines, so maybe make that you can't complete that level without using that mechanic! (or maybe i just i didn't see that i made that creature trampoline)

Overall, nice music, sfx, art, style and gameplay, really love to see this game evolve, great mechanic and great opportunities to expand it!

Thank you for playing and leaving a comment!

Happy that you enjoyed blood system, think it could be improved, but overall i like how it looks! Think i could improve physics, because sometimes particle can fly really far out and leave behind really long visible trail, so that's on list to fix!

About sprint function, removed it from my fps controller because really, it will be used all the time, and i think i should keep player movement function on minimum: no jump, no sprint, no crouch, because it doesn't have any purpose in my game. But movement speed should be increased and i understand that clearly after your and others comments!

About brightness, yea, game is very dark, and especially non-static objects like limbs and other pickable objects, also will be fixed i think, maybe will add brightness slider, but i didn't figure out how to change postprocessing with scripts still, so it will take some time.

Overall, great comment and thank you!

oh, that's great! couldn't test it because uninstalled linux some time ago, happy that everything works!

Thank you for playing the game and leaving a comment!

Did you play on Linux?

First of all, thanks for trying out the game!

About movement speed, i'm sorry that it turned out frustrating, already thinking about how i can improve it! Maybe won't increase it 3 times, but some amount surely needs to be added.

First of all, thank you for playing!

Happy that jumpscare worked! Funny, that i didn't intended to make it scary, just unexpected and fast.

About your problems with movement and lighting, i'm really sorry that it turned out that way, already thinking about some update with brightness slider/increased amount of lighting on map and increased movement speed.

About invisible walls, yeah, that place with house 1 was just forgotten, i didn't make anything there to make it understandable that you can't go there.

But still, thank you for comment, that type of feedback is very helpful!

Thank you for playing and making a comment!

Appreciate that you found sounds well done, really tried to balance volumes, and I think it's quite important thing because it helps make experience immersive. When nothing sounds out of place it's easier to just sit and dive in world that game illustrates.

About movement speed, recently started getting a lot of feedback about that, you can see that in comments, I guess, maybe i should increase it a bit :)

Yea, i was amazed when i added fog and windows lighting how everything looked, it went from boring gray poligons to something very atmospheric, so, you should work a lot on lighting if you want your game to look awesome!

About optimization, you can even abuse it to make light flicker, you just need to find where 0 on X and Z coordinates are, if you go from below zero and back on that coordinates you will see how it turning off and on :) Funny how it became unintended feature!

About avoiding 3D modeling, just don't care about quality much, someone surely will like your models and style, even if you don't step into texturing and other mess that i still afraid of, making models that represent distantly something that you want still will work in every type of project!

I hope one of your next game will feature 3d models that you did yourself! It's important step for everyone and when you do it, you will open another universe where you can create everything you want and make it playable!

Oh, i think i understand what happened, that's, besides boxes, i think also problematic point of my game, some players after picking up pizza went the same way that was in start, but these boxes are broken especially to provide shortcut to house where you want to go, but i guess, not everyone found it out while playing immediately. About that part of town, felt extremely lazy to work on that, besides of course time, so i just cut that part of map, maybe my problem that i did block it by invisible wall, but didn't left any visible obstacle. Also, my motive to block that part of map to leave only one way to the pizza, so it will feel more like progress when you collect all parts and get access to pizza.

About lighter area of road, that's some problem with baked lightning, i spend around 20 minutes to generate it, and didn't have any spare time to fix it, especially when last baking process was 30 minutes before posting the game, i just left it as it is. There is only one place where you can cross the road, and that where you can see crosswalk sign on road, but because there is only one place where i did that it couldn't be obvious i guess.

About being able to cross the road when you are zombie, it's interesting idea. But first of all, i think blocking the road by invisible wall was not very good idea, cause it's just leaves frustrating feeling, when you see space where you can go, but you simply can't because there is collider. There isn't invisible wall in real life, only maybe that you put inside your head because laws, morals or somethin else.

I really love that you are player that goes left when game says right, because it could be that precious type of players, that explore and find interesting things in locations and don't just skip throughout game with any feelings. If there wasn't any restrictions by time i could make world a lot more saturate and dense, but because it was for me just a decoration to game, i made it really just a decoration without any life inside, and you could really see it even by fact that all windows are lit, there isn't any that are dark, but it's night time, and there's surely some people that already went to sleep, and there shouldn't be any light. So, i guess, in my game it may be the weakest point - going in wrong direction, because there isn't anything where you don't supposed to go. I surely will spend more time on making world less constrained in the future, and i glad i read your comment about that!

About crossing road sign, good thing that i fully forgot about, it's would be very nice to add!

Overall, it's awesome to talk with you about that topic, really apreciate that!

First of all, thank you for playing and leaving a comment!

About movement speed, problematic point, and i couldn't say that you're not right, it's just everyone's preferences, so i guess, should spend more time fine-tinung that variable!

Also about boxes, thought it's worst point of game, it was hard to find right word to describe task, especially when it isn't my native language! And maybe i could place last body part somewhere closer to them or light that boxes up more so they are more visible, but yea, think it could be done better!

About volume bug, will investigate what happens, didn't playtested the game much to find that problem, when i was developing the UI it was ok.

Overall, great comment on game, thank you!

Game looks like pretty much AAA project!

Game assets and engine are really delivering amazing graphics! How sad that my CPU couldn't handle that :( Got around 20 fps at lowest with pretty powerful gpu, hope you can find solutions to increase perfomance.

But about actual gameplay, i couldn't handle parkour section, thought it was really hard, but voice acting is what made me happy despite of rage that i felt! Also, story is quite nice!

Overall, great job, would love to see your other projects!

Thank you for making a video and playing the game!

Thank you for your comment and trying out the game!

About movement speed, did you found it slow throughout all game or only when it became slower? I think speeds that are in game are pretty logical, only when you go in wrong direction and have to go back a lot it's really annoying!

Thank you for trying my game and leaving a comment!

About house sequence, why you did give up? Does it only because movement was pretty slow? Asking because, maybe you didn't worked on the objective? I mean, if you collect every part, your movement speed will increase to default, it's part of experience :)

About allowing player to walk across the road, i didn't want to do that, because i think it helps going in right direction, i think i could just make fences so it will be obvious that you can't go on road. Also, if i made crossing the road possible after intro sequence it could add some uncertainty, because i think world should have rules that are understandable and doesn't change without explanation throughout the game.

But i really happy that you've still enjoyed the game!

Thank you for playing and your heartwarming comment!

Happy that you enjoyed atmosphere that i tried to create. About flickering lights, i pretty sure it's process of optimization, because when i added all lighting, fps significantly decreased, so i decided to make three zones of lights, so when you explore location you could see how script turnes on some lights and turnes off other, actually, it's great that you found that detail, maybe it should be a feature :)

Appreciate your comments about models, i put a lot of effort in creating them, so it really makes me happy!

Yea, it's my first gamejam entry, and you are correct about not my first game, but it's my first game that i am sure with!

Overall, thank you soo much for comment, made me happy reading this!

Thank you for playing and your great comment!

I really appreciate that you found world that i've created dense and atmospheric - honestly just reading this brings smile on my face. I spent a lot of time on that models and happy that you think that are they impressive - i agree on some, but a lot of them honestly was just speedrunning to get world as saturate as possible, except for buildings i think, they really took some time and i put all soul in them!

I don't mind that you thought about downloading the source, i would be really happy if you find something that i (or not) created useful for your projects!

Oh, you made your game in pretty short period of time! Expected that it took longer to do, like week or more.

Making 3D models really important and great skill in game development, i think it so much easier when you need some model and instead of searching you just make it yourself! Yea, it's pretty time consuming but really helps develop the world that looks as you intended!

I learned Blender when was working on other games (some in early stages of development, some were very close to release, but i just dropped my work on them all, so there's nothing i could show) and were making models for my game always by myself. It really helped to improve my skills in modeling objects like furniture or buildings, but i still SO BAD at modeling characters and just living creatures! So, of course you won't learn it without just straight up work and experience, but overall in youtube, i would recommend really awesome and short tutorials by Royal Skies, if you have a problem in basic tasks his videos can help you a lot. Maybe just search some basic blender tutorial first, like some that Blender Guru made. Also, love Default Cube, but it's less of tutorials and more of just amazing things that you could do in Blender. Google helped me the most of course, it's my style of learning i guess :). So if you want to learn it, just go and do something, you will learn it pretty fast that way and then you just need to work on improving your skills!

Hi! Happy that my feedback turned out motivating for you - it makes me feel the same way!

I surely will try your other projects when i'll have free time! Added your game in Steam to wishlist!

Thank you for your comment!

Happy that game made you feel emotions that i was hoping game could make, worked hard to make environment as immersive as i could!

About another scare, didn't made anything else because wasn't intending horror game with scare at all in the beginning, just some weirdo picking-up-items game in dark environment, but it turned out other way!

Yea, i made assets (i mean, 3D models) myself with Blender, really love this program and especially with ability to import .blend files straight into Unity i just couldn't miss to do models, cause i feel like game really acquires its own personality when you do everything yourself! What do you think about that assets? Because i feel like main character model turned out pretty bad, but i happy that you couldn't see much when playing in first-person.

great video, liked that!