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I think this would be cool, so we could do easier note slides in kicks to achieve this in the end:

Thank you. Another request, pass through to skip clipper or limiter. And maybe oversampling for clipper / limiter :)

Already have some feature requests. There is currently no forum, yet? Please add dry/wet :)

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I currently have a small "issue". I've used nimble kick with a vst3 wrapper in Renoise, before Renoise has supported VST3 officially. I want to exchange it in one of my songs with the VST3 version. Is there maybe also planed to add a simple patch support with an own format? So i can port patches between these versions?

Edit: Nevermind, found a way to get the sample back. I used the resample mode :)

You can embedding samples inside a nimble kick patch. But when you lost the original sample, you cant export it from your patch. So, a little export function would be nice.

The warning is gone, everything fine now.

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It seems all download links for Nimble Kick 1.0.3 get blocked by chrome, because the webpage is declared as "hacked". 

Also checked the file (Windows setup version) in virustotal:

Another suggestion: Add Low/Highcut(in different slopes) to the EQ. So for example, i can remove high frequencies from the tail part.

Great plugin, love it!

Some questions and feature suggestions:

1) What interpolation algorithm is used in Resample? Cubic, Sync? Maybe you can add these as additional algorithms like in Renoise: None, Linear, Cubic, Sync

2) Snap function for loop points. A specially zero crossing, so its easier for setting up clean loop points.

3) Ping Pong Looping

Thank you for this plugin!

When you setup loop points and you are using "Resample"-mode, the looping is not consistent. When you play higher notes, you sometimes hear no looping. It seems, that the loop points doesn't follow when the sample gets shorter.