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Already have some feature requests. There is currently no forum, yet? Please add dry/wet :)


Thanks for the suggestion!


Thank you. Another request, pass through to skip clipper or limiter. And maybe oversampling for clipper / limiter :)

I agree with both suggestions!


If possible dry/wet of the complete plugin, but also just the multiband...?

You mean per band? Or a blend between single -> multi?

I mean, that there is dry/wet also to blend in the multiband. Of course per band would be ultimate controle, but dry/wet to start with? :) A dry/wet for 'the whole' plugin would also be nice. I could go one .... different distortion types, more control over clipper and/or limiter. Simple 'next' to go to the next preset. Don't get me wrong, this thing is lovely, but could be a monster when adding more controls! Keep it up.