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Yeah when we were designing the game, we intended to have little popups that would explain what each item was (i.e. enemies, pickups, and destructibles). Unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn't add them in. It is definitely something we intend to do and will hopefully have after judging concludes :)

I really like the concept of this game and am really invested in trying to to get to the end of it. The physics and music really add the feeling that you are the a piece of cheese and are in some kinda of danger from something.... I would have like a bit more direction to what I was suppose to do as I did spend a significant amount of time before something happened and I'm not even sure what I did :D. 

Overall, great concept for a game and I can't wait to see where the story goes.

This game is is so cute and I find the platforming a very interesting mechanic. I really enjoyed playing a platformer but in a slightly different way. The art is absolutely amazing and the animations are very smooth. Some things that I think could be improved is having a some sort of distinction between background/foreground environment and the ground as I did sometimes try to jump to where there was no ground. Additionally, I think it might be helpful to have some sort of help/direction system to help the player find where they might go next. I did get stuck in some parts for a little bit being unable to figure out where I needed to go.

Overall, great game and I can't wait to see what you all do next :)